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Plumbing Maintenance

9 Things That Never Belong in Your Drains

Are you guilty of putting things down your drains that don’t belong there? Even if it’s unintentional, putting certain items down your drains can do a number on your plumbing. Sure, washing waste down your drains is usually more convenient than tossing it in the trash, but that doesn’t make it a great idea. At Drain Blaster Bill, we see an endless stream of drain blockages, and the majority of them result from debris accumulation within your pipes. So, to help you keep your drains fully functional, we’ve put together this list of nine items that never belong in your drains.

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5 Warning Signs Your Sewer Drain is Close to Backing Up

Archery is the sport of using a bow to shoot arrows. As with anything, the level of proficiency depends on the skills of the user. Historically, archery has been used for hunting and combat. Today, it has grown into a competitive sport and recreational activity, and is still used for hunting by many people.

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How Routine Drain Maintenance Can Save Your Plumbing

How many times do you flush your toilet every day? Do you wash dishes? What about taking a shower? Assessments from the United States Geological Survey estimate that over the course of one day, each person in your household uses 80-100 gallons of water. If you have a 4-person household, that equates to nearly 400 gallons of water and other gunk flowing through your pipes each day! And just like you must maintain the fuel lines in your vehicle to ensure proper functioning, it’s important to maintain your drains, too. How does routine drain maintenance help ensure your pipes stay in good working order? Drain Blaster Bill explains below.

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Five Reasons Your Dishwasher Might Be Clogged

Dishwashers make washing dishes easy, but there is nothing easy about them when food, paper, and scraps clog up a dishwasher and cause a backup. The occasional clog is normal considering the job a dishwasher does on a regular basis. However, a backup of dirty water is a problem no one wants.

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The Benefits of A Drain Camera Inspection

Modern technology has combined with tried and true drain cleaning techniques to utilize drain cameras to resolve plumbing issues. These tiny, high-definition cameras can be attached to a thin, metal pipe that is inserted in the drain. The inserted material is flexible enough to even swing around 90 degree turns in your piping. These cameras are hugely beneficial to both the homeowner and the drain cleaning technician to allow for a successful diagnosis and fast repair. Below, let's examine some benefits of using drain camera technology.

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Multiple Drains Backing Up? It’s Time for Some Serious Sewer Blasting

Do you keep plunging your toilet or even your kitchen sink? Does it seem like it takes forever for the tub to drain? Is there an odd smell coming out of your washing machine? All of these are indications that your pipes are in need of a good drain cleaning and inspection. It’s time to give a plumbing professional like Drain Blaster Bill's Sewer and Drain Cleaning a call and sort out your problems for good.

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Plumbing Maintenance Will Keep Your Plumbing Performing Well

Your plumbing system provides you with the clean water you and your family drink, cook with, and bathe in. It also serves as the conduit to remove water that is dirty or contaminated from your home. The pipes that accomplish these tasks wind through your crawlspace, under your floor, and behind your walls.

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