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Water Jetting

Clearing a Clogged Drain: Snaking or Water Jetting?

Clogged drains are a problem that plagues every household from time to time, and fittingly, the question of how to clear those drains presents another conundrum. If you’re thinking of reaching for the store-bought drain cleaners, think again. Not only can those products damage your plumbing, but for certain types of clogs, they’re largely ineffective. Instead, professional drain cleaning services such as drain snaking and water jetting provide an effective, safe option when you’re drains are hopelessly clogged. Drain Blaster Bill discusses the differences between the two and when each is appropriate.

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Restoring Flow in Your Drains

Clogged drains are common in both homes and businesses, but they aren't all fixed the same way. The material causing the clog, the material the drain is made from, and the type of drain all affect which methods are used to get the water flowing again. Here are some of the ways Drain Blaster Bill clears drain clogs:

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The Benefits of Water Jetting Service

The gunk in your plumbing system can build up over time and harden. Soap scum, chemicals, toothpaste, and grease all contribute the gunk. Eventually, these substances can become as hard as a rock. Conventional remedies do not remove the blockage. Eventually, you’ll notice the water back-up in your drains. Things can get messy.

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Water Jetting vs. Traditional Drain Cleaning Methods

When it comes to pipe cleaning services flushing out plumbing systems, there are two standard methods: Stick a piece of equipment such as snake down into the pipes and remove the obstructions, or you can utilize water pressure to clear all items inside the plumbing. While both of these methods have their pros and cons, water jetting has proven to be a more efficient and practical approach. Here's why:

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The Benefits of Drain Cleaning

Your drains are constantly working to eliminate waste water and carry bacteria away from your home. You shower, wash dishes, and brush your teeth without considering if your drains will fail. In most instances, your drains work as they should, at least, until they don’t. One way to avoid costly drain clogs and ensure your drains consistently work is to get your drains cleaned once a year.

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Benefits of Water Jetting for Your Clogged Drains

Nearly everyone has heard of drain cleaning and snaking when it refers to your drains. Snaking is often the first line of defense when a homeowner has a clogged drain. A plumbers snake can also lead to unseen damage to a homeowner's pipes and might not be the best method of unclogging a drain. 

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