Nothing is worse than corrosion in your plumbing system. Corrosion can contribute to clogs and cause your drains to backup. Keeping your plumbing system free from corrosion can go a long way in preventing plumbing problems down the line. Drain Blaster Bill discusses the things that cause corrosion in your plumbing system.


Older Homes and Plumbing Corrosion

Most older homes have galvanized or copper pipes. Metal pipes suffer corrosion quicker and easier than modern PVC corrosion-resistant pipes. Corroded pipes can become clogged leading to backups in your plumbing system or reduced water pressure. Also, ingesting water from heavily corroded pipes is harmful to your health.


What Causes Corrosion in Your Plumbing System?

Unfortunately the very thing the pipes are meant to transport causes the corrosion. Water itself is corrosive to metal. Here are the properties in water that cause corrosion:


pH Levels of Water. The lower the pH value, the higher the acid content of the water. Acidic water slowly dissolves anything it touches. The water leaches metals and chemicals from the pipes as it flows through. Metal pipes are especially susceptible to acidic water corrosion. Rainwater generally has a pH of five.


Oxygen. Everyone knows the chemical composition of water. It has two hydrogen molecules, and one of oxygen. When oxygen encounters metal, it oxidizes. This oxidation is rust and is corrosive to the metal, causing it to break down.


Minerals in the Water. Depending on your location, your water contains different levels of minerals. While minerals are good for humans in certain doses, minerals are not necessarily good for metal pipes. High levels of calcium in water lead to mineral buildup and cause corrosion in pipes.


Temperature of Water. Everyone loves a hot shower. But did you realize that hot water passed through pipes with corrosion can make that corrosion worse? Hot water is more corrosive than cold water. While it might not work to take all cold showers, make sure to set your water heater to a reasonable temperature rather than as hot as it will go.


Chemical Drain Cleaners. While not in normal water sources, we had to include chemical drain cleaners as a big factor in causing corrosion. When you have a backup, use a drain clearing professional rather than chemicals. Chemicals break down your pipes and cause corrosion.


Drain Clearing Service in the Twin Cities Area

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