A properly maintained drainage system plays an integral role in the health and smooth operation of any commercial enterprise. For high-traffic businesses, a clean and free-flowing plumbing system is critical, especially those in the foodservice industry, healthcare industry, and those with public restrooms that see a high footfall. That’s where commercial drain cleaning comes in.

Without routine drain cleaning, businesses can experience hazardous plumbing backups and even pipe damage that may cause potentially lengthy interruptions in normal operations. If you’re not convinced your business needs commercial drain cleaning at least once per year, it may be time to change your tune. Why? Read on to find out.

Drain Blockage Prevention

Commercial drain cleaning is more than a reactive service; it’s designed to be preventative, too, provided it’s done on a regular basis. While many enterprises never think to call a drain cleaning company until they’re dealing with a severe pipe blockage, that’s a mistake. Drain blockages may not have time to build at all when a business schedules routine drain cleaning appointments.

By regularly scheduling maintenance drain cleaning, a business can help ensure the interior of their pipes remains free of residue and solid debris that contribute to severe clogs. For most operations that have low or modest daily traffic, scheduling drain cleaning annually may suffice. However, businesses in foodservice, healthcare, manufacturing, and public transport (airports, train stations, etc.) should consider scheduling service more often.

Enhanced Protection Against Biohazards

If your business deals with the public, you have a duty to protect your clients and customers from exposure to hazardous materials. And while you no doubt do an excellent job containing those materials when they’re out in the open, it’s the ones you can’t see that can catch you by surprise. Which ones are those? The ones flowing through the plumbing system in your building.

Without routine commercial drain cleaning, businesses with high-traffic public restrooms can very easily experience mainline sewer clogs that may result in severe backups. The public doesn’t always heed bathroom waste disposal guidelines — even when they’re clearly posted within stalls — and improper disposal practices, when compounded over time, can cause serious blockages. Depending on the traffic your business’s restrooms see, along with the type of business you’re operating, and the type of materials you handle, frequent drain cleaning may be necessary.

What kind of cleaning is best? Commercial water jetting is highly effective at eradicating any form of buildup inside a pipe. Residue, solid objects, and even tree roots that penetrate an underground sewer line don’t stand a chance. If your business frequently deals with sewer clogs, you should consider having the service performed at least a couple of times a year.

Reduced Stress on the Plumbing System

Commercial plumbing systems can handle an immense amount of waste on a daily basis, but for them to perform optimally over the long term, they require routine maintenance. And while scheduling repairs and plumbing updates with a plumber is important, that’s only half the equation. Regular commercial drain cleaning is the other half.

By keeping the drains clean, commercial operations can dramatically reduce the risk of clogs that can create considerable water pressure inside the pipes. Over time, when pipes are forced to handle that pressure continually, they can easily fall victim to deterioration that may result in leaks, burst pipes, and other serious plumbing problems. 

Reduction of Expensive Pipe Repairs

Scheduling regular commercial drain cleaning, plumbing inspections, minor repairs, and necessary plumbing updates can significantly reduce the risk of serious plumbing damage that necessitates expensive repairs. Being proactive is a small expense compared to the cost of handling an unexpected and severe issue that shuts down business for days.

Prevention of Foul Drain Odors in Work Areas

Unclean drains can emit an unimaginably foul odor, and that’s not something you should ever expose your staff, customers, or clients to. Even if the drains are handling water and waste constantly, residue builds up along the interior of the pipes. That residue is loaded with odor-emitting bacteria that you can’t get rid of unless you get the drains cleaned.

The easiest solution? Scheduling regular commercial water jetting appointments with a drain cleaning specialist.

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