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Routine Drain Cleaning & Maintenance

Getting your pipes professionally cleaned is the best way to optimize your plumbing system’s performance. Drain Blaster Bill offers routine cleaning and preventative maintenance for homeowners and commercial properties in the Twin Cities area. Our drain cleaning service includes a camera inspection and flush through every part of your plumbing. Let us make sure your system is in good working condition, so you don’t have to worry about major repairs or system replacement down the road. Contact us today!

Common Plumbing Drain Problems

You and your family use your plumbing system throughout the day. This ongoing use week after week can take its toll on the pipes and other plumbing components. The system will eventually break, and you’ll start noticing signs that the plumbing needs to be cleaned or repaired. Some of the most common plumbing problems include:


Leaks occur when mineral buildup in the drain eventually corrodes through the pipes. Backed up pipes can also create water pressure that will eventually burst through the connections. Tree roots can even puncture the pipes causing leaks and blockage in the system.

System Backup

Your system can get backed up due to hair, hardened grease or soap scum, sediment, mineral buildup, tree roots, or foreign objects that are lodged in the pipes.

Clogged Toilets

Too much toilet paper or excessive wipes can clog a toilet. Feminine products are also common causes of backed up toilets. Many of these items can get lodged and stay there. In severe cases, a plunger will not flush the system. You’ll need to hire a professional drain cleaner.

Blocked Drains

Hair can build up just beneath the cover or in the trap in the tub, shower, or floor drain. One strand of hair quickly turns into two. Before you know it, large wads of hair can develop and slow down the flow of water.

The Solution is Drain Cleaning & Maintenance

To keep your plumbing from getting clogged up, you should contact a Drain Blaster Bill technician to perform a drain inspection and routine drain cleaning at least once a year. Our maintenance checklist includes the following:

  • Floor drain cleaning
  • Bathroom sink cleaning
  • Bathtub drain cleaning
  • Main sewer line cleaning
  • Laundry drain cleaning
  • Shower Drain Cleaning
  • Clogged toilets

The Benefits of Annual Drain Cleaning Service

There are numerous benefits to hiring a Drain Blaster Bill technician to perform a drain cleaning service once a year:

Corrosion Prevention

The buildup of minerals, grease, soap, and sewage can cause corrosion. An annual flush will keep the deposits from developing and blocking the pipes.

Reduced Repairs

If you neglect your drains, then you can expect expensive repairs, or worse, an entire system replacement. Drain cleaning service keeps your pipes clean on the inside and reduces water pressure that can come from a backed up system.

Eliminates Risk of Flooding

If you notice standing water in the shower, a gurgling toilet, or water draining slowly in the sink, it could be signs that there is drain blockage deep down. The condition will get worse eventually and could lead to flooding.

A Sanitary System

Any time a plumbing system backs up, it brings all the old water and sewage back up with it. If the water reaches the surface, it becomes a health risk in the room.

Schedule an Annual Drain Cleaning Service Today

Drain Blaster Bill specializes in cleaning out drain clogs in residential homes and commercial buildings. If you are in the Twin Cities Metro area, you can contact us to schedule drain cleaning service to keep your plumbing system performing well. We offer floor drain cleaning, bathroom and kitchen sink cleaning, main sewer line cleaning, and can clear out those clogged toilets. No matter how tough the blockage is, you can count on Drain Blaster Bill to flush it out and restore your plumbing. Call us today at (763) 913-8719 or message us on our contact page.

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