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Professional Laundry Drain Cleaning in the Twin Cities

The floor drains in your laundry room can get clogged up from all the laundry you do throughout the week. Dirt, grime, detergent scum, and lint build up over time, causing stubborn blockages. Don’t worry, Drain Blaster Bill can clear out those laundry floor drains and get the water flowing smoothly again! Contact us today for complete laundry drain clean services for residential and commercial properties in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and beyond!

Is Your Utility Room Flooding?

Most washers and dryers are installed in a utility room or basement – areas that are often the least accessed in a house. Therefore, when a laundry drain blockage causes a backup, a flood can occur quickly without you even knowing it.

By the time you notice the standing water, it could be draining into the floor or walls. Rather than handle the job yourself, your wisest course of action is to call Drain Blaster Bill! Our technicians are highly trained to handle the situation quickly and safely.

Get 24/7 Emergency Service

Due to the nature of laundry room or basement flooding, we offer emergency laundry drain service. When you call us, we’ll send a crew out to your house immediately!

Our technicians will show up with all equipment and supplies necessary to clear out the drain and clean up the water. Our drain cleaners work fast to minimize structural damage, utilizing the most advanced equipment and proven methods that allow us to fix the problem efficiently.

Laundry Room Drain Cleaning You Can Trust

Drain Blaster Bill’s team has worked hard to build a reputation as a drain cleaning company you can trust for all your drain cleaning needs in the Twin Cities metro area.

  • We do not waste time. You can expect fast service!
  • Our technicians use industry-level advanced equipment that can handle any laundry drain blockage.
  • Enjoy affordable rates that stay within your budget.
  • Expect prompt arrival times and professional conduct. We show our clients the utmost respect!
  • Request same-day service if you like! We’re always ready to serve you anytime, anywhere.

Schedule a Laundry Room Drain Inspection

We recommend having your laundry room floor drains and basement drains inspected at least once a year. One of our technicians can conduct a point by point assessment of your drain that includes the following:

  • Look for buildup caused by detergent, lint, and other elements.
  • Test the connections to make sure they are tight.
  • Using camera inspection, check to see if any roots are blocking the flow of water.
  • Inspect all the pipes to ensure they are in proper working condition.
  • Evaluate drain covers to see if they are correctly attached to the pipe and floor.

Call the Twin Cities’ Leading Drain Cleaner

Laundry drain blockages can be aggravating, which is why Drain Blaster Bill strives to provide efficient work with zero hassle. Our technicians want you to be 100% satisfied with every aspect of your drain cleaning service, especially the final results.

Drain Blaster Bill offers drain cleaning service for sinks, tubs, showers, floor drains, main sewer lines, toilets, and more. If your drain is clogged, we’ll clean it out in no time. Call us now at 763-913-8719, or get your free estimate online today!

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