Do you often notice a stagnant stench while inspecting the darker corners of your commercial building? Your problem may simply be dry floor drains. Let's check out how to keep your property odor-free and its plumbing in top condition.

Floor Drains are Part of Your Main Sewer Line

In large commercial buildings, most stock and mechanical rooms on the ground floor will have a floor drain. You may think the drain is there to prevent flooding of your entire building due to an accident or emergency, but they have a secondary purpose. The stack for sewer gasses to escape is usually positioned by the restrooms and kitchens. The floor drains help your waste water and remaining gasses reach the main sewer connection. Their flexible seal allows the gas to move aside without entering the building, while solids and liquids continue to flow down the pipe.

A Bucket of Soapy Water is Often the Solution

If your maintenance staff does not mop the floors in unused spaces, it is possible for the floor drain trap to completely dried out and emitting a distinct unpleasant odor into your building. Water in the trap creates that flexible seal that keeps gasses flowing down the pipe. You can refresh the trap by pouring one or two gallons of water down the floor drain. However, if the trap and drain have been ignored for too long, you may have a larger problem on your hands.

Ignoring Your Stock Room Drains Causes Bigger Problems

If a floor drain is left to dry out and fills with dirt and debris over time, you could end up with a clogged main sewer line. While it may seem odd to have a dormant space cleaned, having the floors mopped in every room at least once a week can prevent this expensive and inconvenient clog from occurring. After the floor is mopped down, empty the bucket of water down the drain.

Drain Blaster Bill's Sewer and Drain Cleaning Answers Your Call

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