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Preserve your commercial plumbing system and optimize its performance! Based in Stillwater, Minnesota, Drain Blaster Bill offers commercial drain cleaning services throughout the seven-county Twin Cities metro area. Along with your typical business plumbing solutions, such as cleaning floor drains, sinks, laundry drains, and main sewer lines, we also specialize in cleaning bigger pipes and sewers with powerful commercial water jetting services.

From clogged toilets to manhole-to-manhole jobs, Drain Blaster Bill is ready to help with all of your commercial sewer and drain cleaning needs – including 24/7 emergency service! Our certified technicians offer efficient service, work of the highest caliber, and affordable rates that stay within your budget. Get a free estimate today!

Commercial Drain Cleaning Services We Offer

Commercial drain systems are far more complex than plumbing systems in residential properties. Therefore, when you hire a plumber to fix your clogged pipes, you will want to hire a company that has experience in commercial drains.

Drain Blaster Bill combines extensive industry experience and advanced modern equipment to clean out the blockage that backs up the plumbing in any commercial property. Our services include:

Floor Drains

We clean out large main floor drains in larger commercial properties such as restaurants, hotels, retail stores, or office buildings. We can inspect your drain to determine where the large blockage is, and then clean it out.


You may have a blockage in a kitchen, bathroom, break room, or hotel room sink drain. Regardless of how severe the obstruction is, we can clear it out so that the water flows freely through the pipes.

Tubs and Showers

You may have a facility such as a fitness center, hotel, or a school where tubs and showers are in constant use. If you have an older building, the drain may be too small to handle the ongoing activity. If so, we can perform a thorough assessment of the pipe to determine where the blockage is and how best to remove it.

Main Sewer Lines

It is not uncommon for businesses to experience backups in main sewer lines. If you own a business where both employees and customers use the plumbing system regularly, you may want to schedule a regular inspection and cleaning for the main sewer line.


We can also perform routine inspections, maintenance, and emergency service for both toilets and urinals in both small and large businesses throughout the Twin Cities Metro area.

Our Commercial Drain Cleaning Process

We understand that plumbing problems can potentially interrupt your business operations. Therefore, we utilize drain cleaning methods that allow us to fix any plumbing problem fast with the least amount of intrusion. Or procedures include:

Drain Snaking

A snake is a slender, metal flexible auger that we use to dislodge soap scum, hair, or other objects. A drain snake contains a coiled metal wire with gaps between the coils at the tip. We turn the snake as we insert it into the drain. Once the snake reaches the blockage, we crank it until it breaks through. The snake is sturdy enough to blast through and clear out over 90% of the debris.

Camera Inspection

We use high-definition waterproof cameras to inspect sewer lines and other pipes that would otherwise be difficult to reach. We insert a flexible rod with a high-resolution video camera into the pipe. The rod is small enough to fit into a pipe that is just 2 inches (ca. 5 cm) in diameter and winds its way through any plumbing system. A high-resolution camera gives us clear, distinct images so that we can diagnose the problem with 100% accuracy. Camera inspection saves you time and money in labor costs.

Water Jetting

Industrial-grade water jets cut through a variety of stubborn substance via a high-pressure jet of water. In some cases, we mix water with an abrasive material to cut through stone, metal, plastic, or other hard substance. High-pressure water can cut through tree roots, hair, soap buildup, minerals, or anything else that is clogging up your plumbing. We utilize a water jetting system that helps us clear out tough blockage that may be too difficult for standard equipment.

Routine Cleaning & Maintenance Plans

Our drain cleaning service includes a full inspection and flushes through every part of your plumbing. We ensure that the entire system is in good working condition so that you don’t have to worry about major repairs or system replacements that could disrupt your business and eat into your budget.

Contact Drain Blaster Bill Today for Professional Drain Cleaning Service

If you need fast drain cleaning service that you can depend on, then contact Drain Blaster Bill today. We offer commercial drain cleaning service for business owners in the Twin Cities metro area. We can clear out your sink, tub, drain, or main sewer line and get the water flowing through your pipes once again. Don’t forget to ask us about our routine cleaning & maintenance plans.

To schedule service with a Drain Blaster Bill technician, call us at (763) 913-8719, or you can send a message on our contact page.

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