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Sewer Cleaning Services in the Twin Cities

For commercial sewer and drain cleaning jobs, you need to call in an experienced professional. Drain Blaster Bill’s team uses powerful water jetting equipment to clean large networks of pipes, manholes, traps, and other structures within your sewer system. If you need a sewer cleaning service in the Twin Cities area, we’re ready to scour your pipes clean and help you restore normal sewer flow. Get a free estimate today!

Our Sewer Cleaning Process

Many factors can cause sewers to back up without warning. Whether you’re connected to a municipal sewer system or have your own on-site wastewater treatment system, contact Drain Blaster Bill for fast and reliable sewer drain cleaning!

We have the manpower to tackle nearly any commercial sewer cleaning, such as:

  • Municipal sewers
  • Manhole-to-manhole cleaning
  • Wastewater collections systems
  • Large pipes and culverts
  • Storm drains

Camera Inspections

Our method of sewer cleaning always starts with a camera inspection. Our technicians use high-end waterproof cameras to inspect sewer lines that are otherwise difficult to reach. This helps us to identify any blockages and make sure your system is free of damage.

If your sewer cleaner doesn’t use a camera, they may have to dig into the ground or get underneath your building’s foundation to identify blockages in your pipes. This outdated process is not only painstaking, taking hours to complete, but also quite costly.

Using a flexible rod with a high-resolution camera connected at the end, we’re able to obtain clear, distinct images inside your sewer so we can diagnose any issues with 100% accuracy. This allows us to complete the job in a more efficient manner, saving you time and money!

Commercial Water Jetting

Water jetters are among the most advanced sewer and drain cleaning technology available today. Highly pressurized water can remove sand, gravel, tree roots, and other stubborn contaminants from pipes and sewers.

Drain Blaster Bill’s team is equipped with the SPARTAN Warrior, an industrial-strength jetter that produces 4,000 PSI for the strength to clear almost any commercial plumbing system in just minutes.

At the same time, water jetting is completely safe for your pipes, offering an eco-friendly solution to cleaning your commercial plumbing system – no harmful chemicals!

Get an Estimate for Commercial Sewer Cleaning

Based in Stillwater, Drain Blaster Bill offers professional sewer and drain cleaning services throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding areas. Our highly skilled technicians are ready to help you tackle the biggest, toughest sewer cleaning jobs with ease. Contact us online, or call 763-913-8719 to schedule your free estimate!

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