When it comes to clogged drains, hair is the regular suspect. A few other things might be stopping the pipes, however. If you’ve double-checked for hair—and if you’ve taken every precaution against a tangled mash-up, you should consider these five lesser-known clog causes.


One: Sunscreen


If you’re washing off sunscreen, you might be adding unneeded grease to your drain pipe’s sides. Sunscreen can congeal, creating a gross, gooey glob. For this reason, it’s a good idea to wash off outside whenever possible. Sunscreen adds up, and it can make your life difficult if your drains go unchecked.


Two: Soap


Unfortunately, soap isn’t innocent. In fact, it can allow debris and other substances to form into a solid—which can clog your drain. While soap alone won’t harm your pipes, it can enable build-up quite quickly. It’s a good idea to use soaps which won’t coagulate, and to check at your local department store for drain cleaner.


Three: Moisturizers


Moisturizers, emollients and aqueous creams can cause clogs, too. Their ingredients can coagulate, creating a drain pipe mass which can catch small debris, dirt and hair. As with plain soap, you should consider using a store-bought product like Drano to clean-sweep the pipes.


Four: Bath Salts


If you’re experiencing draining problems often, your bath salts might be causing the trouble. They don’t dissolve quickly, and they can create problems if left alone in your pipes for too long. Again, store-bought drain cleaners can stop the build-up. That said, bath salts can resist an initial wash—so you’re better off cleaning the pipes repeatedly.


Five: Plastic and Paper


While you might not be eating food, tossing garbage, and unwrapping things in your shower, a surprising number of homeowners find plastic in their drains. As it turns out, many fail in removing plastic stickers attached to their bath products. Shampoo labels may melt away, and your bar soap may have slivers of plastic still stuck to it. If these shreds end up in your tub, they’re going down the drain. Keep an eye on your products, and purchase a drain strainer to keep out large materials.


In most cases, an auger or Drano will solve your backed-up tub problem. If you’re having difficulty managing your procedures, however, you should contact a professional. Drain cleaning services are incredibly effective, and they can manage hard-to-reach areas while providing great remedies.