If water were the only thing running through your pipes, then maintaining them would be a breeze. In the real world, however, the average family will shove just about anything down the drain including grease, food, hair, chemicals, and foreign objects.

This type of daily activity (and abuse) will cause wear and tear on your system in no time at all. For this reason, you should hire a plumber to inspect your entire plumbing network at least once a year. Plumbers evaluate five main fixtures during a plumbing inspection.


Main Drain Line

Every pipe in your house either directly or indirectly leads to the main line, A.K.A, the ‘main.' The main line then channels everything to the sewer or septic tank. Since the main line is the catch-all, it can become clogged or corroded over time if ignored. Technicians use either a snake or a video camera to identify and unblock buildup in the mainline. A clean main guarantees that all other pipes will feed into the line without blockage.


Bathroom Drain

Of all the drains in your house, the bathroom drain becomes clogged the most. Much of the blockage is due to hair. Soap and shower buildup can happen regularly as well. When all substances combine to form massive buildup, it inhibits the free flow of water. Simply pouring a home remedy down the drain will not work. The pipe needs to be scrubbed on the inside. Only a professional can perform this type of work.


Garbage Disposal

If there were any one item that takes a beating almost every day, it would be the garbage disposal. It is here that foreign items – many of which shouldn’t be dropped – are crammed into the disposal.  Sooner or later your garbage disposal may get clogged up. Even when it seems like it’s working, it is not operating efficiently. A garbage disposal needs an annual checkup and cleaning so that it will perform as it should and last a long time.


Dishwasher and the Drain

Although the dishwasher isn’t technically a fixture, it undergoes a lot of activity during a cleaning cycle. Most families make the mistake of not completely rinsing off their dishes when they put them in the washer. This means that the machine has to clear the passage to allow the water to drain while simultaneously disinfecting the dishes. Consequently, many of the food particles are not drained. This creates buildup in the dishwasher and the drain pipe.


Do You Need Your Fixtures Inspected?

If it's been awhile since you’ve had your plumbing inspected then contact Drain Blaster Bill’s Sewer and Drain Cleaning. We provide a comprehensive analysis of your entire plumbing system and perform thorough maintenance on the pipes. You can contact us at 763-913-8719. You can also message us on our contact page. We offer free estimates for repairs and maintenance.