Another Minnesota winter is on its way. Now is the time to plan ahead to be sure that your sewer drain and plumbing network are working properly when the temperatures plummet. At Drain Blaster Bill’s we can help you winterize your system and keep it protected from snow, ice, and the freezing climate. Below are some ways we can secure your plumbing when it gets cold.


Drain Cleaning

Whether it’s your kitchen drain, bathroom drain, or laundry drain, we can clean out the main pipes and remove all debris. Our technicians do more than just open the drains up. We completely remove all buildup from the drains and return them back to a perfectly clean state. This keeps water from backing up and freezing in the pipes.


Insulate the Outside Pipes

Like all other components of your plumbing system, insulating the pipes outside is the most effective method for keeping them from freezing up this winter. We make sure that you have the proper insulation. We can replace any insulation that is currently torn or not working. We can reinforce types of plumbing include metal pipes and PVC.


Make all Necessary Repairs

Plumbing systems are made up of numerous components that keep the water moving through the pipes while breaking down solid waste. If any of these components are broken, then the entire system suffers. It also parts such as the septic tank vulnerable to freezing up in the dead of winter. We can perform a point-by-point inspection of your plumbing, and determine if there are any parts that need to be repaired or replaced.


Protect the Pipes from Root Damage

Trees and plumbing do not get along. In the battle between tree roots and pipes, roots always win out. Tree roots can penetrate a pipe and block the water from properly draining into the drainage system. If the water is backed up, it will freeze above the ground. Drain Blaster Bill technicians can inspect your plumbing to see if it has been compromised by tough tree roots. We can also remove the roots and properly restore the system.


Drain Blaster Bill Can Repair Your Pipes!

If your plumbing needs to be repaired or replaced during the winter, then contact Drain Blaster Bill. We perform a wide range of jobs for your entire plumbing system. We also install plumbing systems for new properties. Our service extends to all residential and commercial properties in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area. Call us today at 763-913-8719 and let us help you with all your septic tank needs.