Video cameras have officially become one of the most valuable tools for our drain cleaning services. At Drain Blaster Bill’s, our experienced technicians utilize waterproof video equipment to identify plumbing issues in hard to reach places. This allows us to view the entire system regardless of how deep into the ground it goes and perform tasks such as floor drain cleaning much easier. Cameras are especially valuable in situations where the pipes are encased in concrete or located deep below a building’s foundations.


How Are Inspection Camera’s Used

Cameras are easier to use than conventional plumbing equipment for smaller jobs like bathroom sink cleaning. A professional trained and certified Drain Blaster Bill plumber can insert a flexible rod into pipes that range from two inches to 36 inches in diameter. At the tip of the rod is a  high-definition camera that produces impressively clear video.


No matter how murky or nasty the water is or built up the solid waste is, the camera crew can still find the problem hidden in the pipes and come up with a solution for fixing it. All videos and photos can be captured and recorded on digital devices. This way the plumber doesn’t have to remember the details of the problem. He or she can simply review them by looking at the footage and complete bathtub drain cleaning or main line sewer cleaning in no time at all.


Are Camera Inspection Cameras Accurate?

Absolutely. In fact, they are so accurate that they reduce the amount of guess work, thus, reducing time and labor costs for complex jobs like clogged toilets. We can pass those savings onto you while spending less time in your home. The alternative is traditional plumbing inspection methods that often keep plumbers guessing as to what is going on in your system. Radio transmitting devices are able to determine how far down the plumbing blockage or damage is and exactly what type of damage it is. If it is a blocked or broken pipe, we’ll know instantly.


Improved Customer Service for You

By using the right tools, we can provide better customer service for both home and business owners.


●        Quicker arrive times so that you don’t have to wait

●        Less time spent on the job so you can move on with your day

●        Accurate inspections means accurate job quotes

●        Never have to redo a job because a solution was clearly identified

●        We track less dirt and grime into your home


Depend on Drain Blaster Bill

If you want a plumber that you can trust without all the hassle, then call on Drain Blaster Bill for all your plumbing inspections, repairs, and installation. We are on call to help you with all your plumbing needs. Our state certified plumbers provide complete service for home and business owners in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area. Call us for quick repairs at 763-913-8719. We provide same-day service!