The number one common household problem for homeowners in Minneapolis and St. Paul is clogged drains. Of all the items that find their way down the drain, hair causes sink, tub, and floor drains to block water flow. Strands of hair can catch on traps and other components as it floats through the pipe system. Once one hair catches, it’s only a matter of time before other hairs latch on. Before you know it, you have a batch of hair blocking the pipe. If anything else goes down the drain, the hair can catch it and keep it from flowing through the pipeline.


In most cases, the clog can be removed relatively quickly. Worst case scenario, however, is when the buildups cause a mainline clog in the sewer pipes. Over time, the amount of water pressure on the septic tank system can cause stress on the pipes and shorten their expected lifespan. In some cases, an old pipe can give way and break. This is when you contact us to clear out the line or make a necessary repair.


A Drain Filter is an Answer to Clogged Pipes

The best way to keep hair from building up in the pipeline is to implement a drain filter at the opening of the drain. Although you can purchase some cheap ones from the store, we recommend hiring a Drain Blaster Bill Sewage and Drain Cleaning technician to install a filter professionally. The screen can fit over the drain and catch hair before it has a chance to invade the plumbing system. Our drain cleaning service can install a durable, rust-free drain filter. It’s a quick and easy solution to keep the water flowing freely through the system. Having a screen will minimize the need for a bathroom sink cleaning or clearing out a clogged toilet.


Tips for Keeping Hair Out of Your Pipes

In addition to investing in a drain filter, here are some household tips for keeping the hair from getting down into the pipes.


●        Brush your hair before getting in the shower. The brush or comb will remove the excess hair from your scalp so that it doesn’t wash down the drain.

●        When brushing your hair take a step or two back from the bathroom sink drain. Hair has nowhere to go but the floor.

●        Never force hair down the drain. It’s better to remove it from the sink or the tub and put it in the trash.

●        Empty the filter as often as possible. If you can remove the filter, then lift it up and try to catch any hair in the drain opening


Drain Blaster Bill Can Protect Your Plumbing From Hair

If hair is clogging up your plumbing, contact Drain Blaster Bill at (316) 847-4277 or message us on our contact page. We offer complete plumbing service including mainline sewer cleaning and drain cleaning services. We serve home and business owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.