Most people don't think too much about the inner workings of those important investments in their lives — such as their homes or vehicles — unless and until something goes wrong. That’s especially true of those systems you don't often see, such as your household drains.

But failing to pay attention to the state of your home’s drain system is a big mistake, and neglecting routine drain cleaning is an even bigger blunder. Like any hard-working system in your home, your drains require routine maintenance, and without it, they’ll inevitably develop problems. And those problems can get expensive in a hurry.

Curious why routine drain cleaning is so important? Or what it can do for your plumbing system (and your wallet)? Read on to find out.

1. Save Money

Yes, as paradoxical as it might seem, spending money now on professional drain cleaning can save you money in the long run. Getting your drains cleaned before there is an issue can head off a slew of potential problems such as:

●        Sewer line damage

●        Sewage backups

●        Excessive scale buildup

●        Pipe leaks

When you get your drains professionally cleaned, you’ll also get a drain camera inspection as part of the process. This inspection doesn’t just locate budding clogs; it can also identify burgeoning pipe problems that may cause leaks. Ultimately, routine drain cleaning appointments will help you detect minor problems, so you can tend to them before they become huge, expensive headaches.

2. Avoid Emergency Plumbing Calls

Emergency situations involving your household drains often occur at the most inopportune times. You might be entertaining guests, getting ready to leave town, or be low on funds, all of which can make dealing with serious emergency drain issues unfeasible. That’s why scheduling routine drain cleaning appointments is so important.

When you have those appointments scheduled, you’ll be expecting the expense, so you can easily budget for it. You’ll also be mitigating potential problems that could result in severe drain blockage or other plumbing issues. And, since emergency drain cleaning or plumbing service almost always costs more than a standard visit, you’ll save yourself some extra cash, too.   

3. Prevent Plumbing Damage

Pretty much everything that happens inside your drain system takes place out of your sight. Within your drains, there could be tree root intrusions, a buildup of scale, mineral deposits, and other substances that could potentially cause serious blockages, and you may not even know it.

A clog might be forming within your drains that could then lead to an overflow of odorous sewage water that could damage your home. Avoiding these types of damage is a key benefit of having regular drain cleaning performed.

4. Fend off Drain Odors

If your household is like most, some pretty nasty stuff ends up in your drain system. As that stuff travels through the drains, it can leave residue behind, and as that residue accumulates, it can start to stink. Badly. Routine drain cleaning helps prevent this off-putting issue from smelling up your house.

With water jetting service, your drain cleaning specialist will thoroughly clean every inch of the interior of your pipes. A high-pressure jet of water eliminates everything in its path, including any residue that may have built up along the interior of the drains. Having this service performed annually is one of the simplest things you can do to keep your home smelling fresh and clean. 

Are any of your drains currently stinky? Check out our guide on how to get rid of drain odors.

5. Prolong the Life of Your Plumbing

Scale buildup caused by hard water, drain clogs, and tree roots can do serious damage to your plumbing system and plumbing appliances, some of which cannot be repaired by simple means. But routine drain cleaning sessions can help prevent that from happening.

Regularly removing residue and debris from the interior of your pipes is one of the best (and simplest!) ways to increase the longevity of your plumbing system. Plus, routine drain cleaning is a whole lot more affordable than purchasing new appliances because your filthy, clogged drains cause problems. And the service is considerably cheaper than major plumbing repairs, too.

Haven’t had your drains cleaned in a while? Or ever? Your plumbing system could be in trouble. If you’ve noticed any of these 6 Warning Signs Your House Is on the Verge of a Drain Disaster, call a drain cleaning specialist stat

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