Nothing is as frustrating as spending hours on plumbing repairs to turn the water back on and find a leak. Quite often you aren’t even doing anything wrong. You may have faulty or worn out parts. Drain Blaster Bill is here to keep your pipes running smoothly if you live in Inver Grove Heights or the Twin Cities Metro area. We are Minnesota’s most trusted professional drain cleaning service provider. Here are some common areas you can check to make sure your plumbing system is leak-proof:


1. Soldered Joints. A common problem area is soldered joints, especially if they weren’t performed by a professional the first time. People often don’t correctly clean or prepare the pipe before soldering, which causes a faulty seal. Our technicians can help you make sure the joint is properly sealed.


2. Mixed Metal. You may find that galvanized steel is used with copper pipes in your plumbing system. Chemicals that pass through the pipes can cause them to corrode. A way to keep this from happening is to keep the two metals separate by connecting them with a special fitting. This fitting is called a dielectric union. It’s copper on one side and steel on the other to keep the metals from touching and creating a conductive surface.


3. Threaded Fittings. Threaded fittings are easily damaged by being stripped or worn out. Sometimes cheap fittings don’t make good connections from the beginning. Old tape and worn washers can allow water to leak through threaded connections. Check to make sure the PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is appropriately applied, or replace worn washers to fix this problem. Sometimes you must change out pipe fittings due to worn threads, but this can be a complicated process. Leave it to a professional.


4. Know Pipe Locations. If you don’t know where your pipes are, they can easily be damaged by drilling into the wall or driving in nails. To take care in this area, get an excellent stud sensor that can sense pipes. Check around the home to make sure there are no holes in areas near pipes. Leaky pipes can cause damage to the structure of the house if left unchecked.


5. Overtightened Fittings. It may seem that a tighter connection is always better, but that isn’t the case. A properly fitted connection is always better. Tightening fittings too tightly can damage the connection. Check for stripped and damaged pieces at joints and connected areas.


6. Plastic Pipes. Plastic pipes aren’t as durable as metal. These fittings can crack over time. Check to make sure plastic connections are correctly fitted and sealed. The proper seal should be solidly fused by the glue used.


7. Septic System Care. There is a rampant rumor that suggests putting a dead chicken in your septic tank will keep it from having to be pumped. While this will undoubtedly add bacteria to your tank, we don’t suggest it. Skip adding enzymes altogether and get professional help maintaining your septic system. We can make sure your main sewer line is flowing correctly and free of debris, or chickens for that matter. 


Drain Blaster Bill Unclogs Plumbing in the Twin Cities

If your drains are backed up or are not flowing as they should, call (763) 913-8719 or message us on our contact page. Drain Blaster Bill is the most trusted drain cleaning service in Inver Grove Heights and the Twin Cities Metro Area.