When pests invade your plumbing system, it can be almost impossible to get rid of them. Traditional chemicals and bug repellant won’t do the trick because most pest problems extend beyond the pipes.

Although you may be tempted to call an exterminator, a plumber can inspect the pipes and fix problems that may go deeper than a few roaches invading the plumbing.

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Common Plumbing Pests


All types of bugs and critters can invade your plumbing system. The four most common include:


●        Cockroaches

The most common drain bug is cockroaches. They thrive in bathroom and kitchen drains, which can supply them with a reliable source of both food and water. Cockroaches like dark, secluded places and humid environments.


●        Drain Flies

Drain flies breed in drains, sewers, septic tanks and soil that has become contaminated with sewage. They are dark in color and tiny, measuring one-sixteenth to one-quarter of an inch in length.


●        Fruit Flies

Fruit flies forage for overripe fruits and vegetables. Fruit flies lay their eggs in fermenting material to assure their larvae have a consistent food source. Fruit flies are attracted to garbage receptacles and kitchen drains.


●        Phorid Flies

Backed-up sewage that accumulates in your drains can become a potential phorid fly breeding site. They entire your plumbing from deep in the ground.

Three Leading Causes of Pest Invasion in Your Plumbing

Although it may be difficult to pinpoint pest problems, there may be three explanations:


1.      Leaks or Holes in the Plumbing

If water can leak out of your of your pipes, pests can get in. Leaks occur when the pipes rust out, the pipes disconnect, or a root penetrates through a pipe. In all cases, bugs and other pests can sneak into the plumbing when the water isn’t running.

Drain Blaster Bill can inspect your pipes to identify the problem. We can also make recommendations on how to proceed if you need plumbing repairs or a system replacement.


2.      Too Much Water in the Plumbing

Pests need water to survive. For many bugs and tiny animals, it is their primary source of nutrients and fuels their need to breed.

Where does the water come from?


a.      Loose pipe connections

b.      Cracks and crevices near the sink, bathtub, or outside faucet

c.      Clogged or poorly maintained drains

d.      Rubber hose drain lines

e.      Gaps between the downspout and basin

f.        Condensation on the inside of the pipe


3.      Not Enough Water in the Plumbing

If there is a specific part of your plumbing that gets little use, it provides the perfect environment for an assortment of small animals and pests. For instance, you may have an extra bathroom that you never use. The bathtub, sink, and toilet all lie dormant. Therefore, you never flush the pipes.

Pests can crawl into the pipes and live and breed for extended periods. Even if you finally run water through the pipes, they may still come back.


Drain Cleaning Services in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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