Winter is almost here. Can your plumbing system handle the freezing temperatures, snow, and ice? Drain Blaster Bill can help you protect your plumbing by winterizing all the components in your plumbing system. Winterization keeps your pipes from freezing up and prevents sudden damage caused by environmental conditions.


Below are some ways we can prepare your plumbing system for the harsh Minnesota winters. To schedule service, call us today. We offer complete home services in Minneapolis and the surrounding area.

Cleaning Out the Drains

Drain Blaster Bill can inspect your drains to identify areas where blockage prevents the water from flowing smoothly down the drain and through the pipes. We completely remove buildup from the drains and return them to a perfectly clean state. Clean drains keep the water from freezing up and bursting the pipes.

Plumbing Repairs and Upgrades

Plumbing systems are made up of numerous components that keep the water moving through the pipes while breaking down solid waste. If any of these components are broken, then the entire system suffers. Septic tanks, pipe connections, outside fixtures, and water mains are all susceptible to harsh water conditions.


A Drain Blaster Bill plumber can perform a point-by-point inspection of your plumbing to determine if there are any parts that we need to repair or replace.

Tree Root Invasion

Pipes deep in the ground almost always succumb to tree root penetration. Tree roots can bust a pipe open and block the water from properly draining into the drainage system. If the water is backed up, it will freeze above the ground.


We can inspect your plumbing to see if tough tree roots have compromised it and find a solution that removes the roots and replaces the broken pipes. We partner with plumbing repair specialists that restore the plumbing in your main line.

Insulation for Vulnerable Pipes

Insulation is the best way to protect your outside plumbing and fixtures from sub-freezing temperatures. Without proper insulation, the water inside the pipes freezes up and expands. The expansion can cause the pipes to burst from the pressure inside. Insulating the pipes can reduce the chances of your pipes bursting.


We can equip your plumbing with the right insulation that prevents the pipes from freezing. We can replace old insulation that is currently damaged or worn out. We can protect PVC or metal pipes.

Plumbing Upgrades and Winterization Services

If your plumbing needs to be repaired or replaced during the winter, contact Drain Blaster Bill. We perform comprehensive drain cleaning for all types of plumbing systems. Our services are available for residential and commercial properties.


To schedule a plumbing inspection or drain cleaning, call us at (763) 913-8719.