You may have noticed some companies advertise drain cleaning services while others advertise drain clearing services. Is there a difference between these concepts? There could be. Below we take a closer look at the differences between drain cleaning and drain clearing. Knowing the difference may help you to get more for your dollar when hiring a drain company.

Drain Clearing

You may have discovered that your toilet, kitchen sink, or floor drain is backed up or draining slowly. If so, your primary concern is to get the pipes cleared out so the water will flow smoothly through the pipes. So, in essence, you need the blockage cleared out. A drain clearing professional can use the right tools to break up the hardened substance and flush it down the pipes.


For instance, a professional may use a drain snake to bust through the blockage. The technician feeds the snake through the pipes. Once the snake reaches the hardened material, the technician twists the snake aggressively using the metal tip. The twisting action has the greatest impact. Eventually, the substance breaks up and flushes down the pipes.


A drain snake will clear out the blockage, but not necessarily clean out the pipes. It takes care of the immediate problem without flushing out the entire system. The blockage may not have warranted a deep system cleaning.

Drain Cleaning

Sometimes, a drain problem may require more extensive work. An example would be a sewer main line that is filled with sewage backup. Another common problem is tree root invasion, which is when a tree root has penetrated the main line pipe. The technician must remove the tree root and flush out the entire system.


In this or other cases, the plumbing system needs to be cleaned out. The drain cleaning technician will utilize heavy-duty equipment such as a water jet to completely flush out the blockage and remove all debris and residue from the pipes. A water jet is powerful enough to remove any blockage, but will not damage the pipes. When the job is complete, the inside of your lines are clean all the way down to the sewer. Your system has no been ‘reset’ so to speak.

How to Determine Which Drain Service You Need

The best way that a Drain Blaster Bill technician can determine whether we need to remove some blockage or completely flush the system out is by using a camera inspection device. We can insert a camera down into the pipes. The camera will capture and send high-definition videos or photos back to a display that we can view. A camera inspection allows us to diagnose the problem accurately and then provide the solution.

Drain Cleaning Services in  Minneapolis, MN

Whether you need some blockage removed or a system completely flushed, contact Drain Blaster Bill. We offer complete drain cleaning service for home and business owners in Minneapolis, MN.


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