Drainage systems are integral to the modern functional design which allows for indoor plumbing, allowing people more time for productive activity in today's society rather than spending a large portion of the day sanitizing creek or ground water and digging holes to dispose of tainted gray water and sewage. Unfortunately, like all technology, drains require maintenance and cleaning in order to continue to function properly. Traditional drain cleaning techniques are still essential to a properly functioning system as is the use of new technologies toward keeping the system in good working order.

Traditional Drain Cleaning

Traditional drain cleaning uses chemicals to dissolve certain types of obstructions, most notably hair, that accumulates in drains. Occasionally such obstructions build up to the point when it is no longer efficient to use solvents to clear the issue and a physical means has to be incorporated to clear the drain. Known in professional jargon as a “snake,” a heavy but flexible wire is inserted through the drain to drill it out, in a sense, removing the clog. For most common drain clogs, such a traditional is the go-to method as it is both quick and efficient in practical usage.

Camera Inspection

For more difficult drain repair situations, the pipes may need to be disassembled and cleaned individually. At best, this can be a guess work project in which each piece of the system is taken apart until the problem is found. Using a remote camera to find the problem before taking the system apart simplifies the process and assures the root cause can be identified before beginning to take the pipes apart. The end result is the practicality of making a faster repair which not only has the system up and running for use quicker, but also results in a lower repair bill based on an hourly rate charged for the job.

Jet Water Cleaning

Jet water cleaning is another advance in technology which allows for faster and more efficient drain cleaning. The traditional snake can damage certain types of modern and especially eco-friendly piping, and the water jet solves such a problem. Using pressurized water along with appropriate cleaning solutions, the water jet can remove clogs without causing damage to the actual drain system. The water jet is a proven means of performing routine maintenance before problems occur and a way to address a specific problem should it arise.