It may not feel like it yet, but spring is just around the corner. You probably go to great lengths to shake off the winter blues and get your home ready for spring. Your plumbing is one of the most complex and important systems in your home and is particularly susceptible to the harsh winters here in Minnesota.


It’s not only the winter weather conditions that can affect your plumbing and drainage systems. More people staying indoors can put a strain on your plumbing system. From grease in the kitchen pipes to extra scraps put down the disposal; from added showers and more loads of laundry to the additional burden on your septic system. These can add up to a costly plumbing failure, as well.

Why Can’t I Handle Any Plumbing Problems On My Own?

You may think you can handle any difficulties that arise with a plunger and a bottle of something you bought at the supermarket, but oftentimes, these problems require more specialized attention. Doesn’t it make sense to have your plumbing checked by a professional to ensure the ravages of winter won’t come back to haunt you in the months that follow?


These stressors on your plumbing system can add up to costly repairs down the road:


●        Structural damage

●        Electrical damage

●        Non-functioning septic system

●        Sewer gas leaking back into the house

●        Wastewater backing up into your drains


Each of these issues can be prevented with a spring plumbing system inspection and follow-up maintenance from the professionals at Drain Blaster Bill.


What Is Involved In A Plumbing Inspection?

At Drain Blaster Bill, we inspect your pipes using a state-of-the-art fiber-optic camera system. Our cameras can be inserted into pipes as small as two inches in diameter and give us a crystal-clear image of the inside of the pipe. There is no guesswork when it comes to diagnosing any issues with your plumbing.


We know exactly what and where any blockages are. If there are any blockages in your plumbing, we’ll use a snake or water jetting system to clear the blockage and get your plumbing system back up and running.

Contact Drain Blaster Bill for a Spring Plumbing Inspection

At Drain Blaster Bill, we believe that an “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It is far better to have your drainage system inspected, cleaned, and maintained while any problems are still small and manageable than to deal with the effects of a plumbing catastrophe.


We have the experience and equipment to keep your plumbing flowing as it should. Contact us today at (763) 913-8719 to schedule your spring plumbing inspection.