Are the drains acting up at your place of business? If so, it can cause a disruption in your business operations, or worse, cause you to lose clients. Below, we highlight some specific ways that drain emergencies can hurt your company. If you have an emergency, contact Drain Blaster Bill today. We can help you with your drain problems right away.

●       Drain Cleaning Can Interrupt Your Workflow Production

If a toilet is clogged or water is backed up in a drain, someone in your staff has to handle the problem. Regardless of who it is, they have to take time out of their busy schedule to contact a drain cleaning company to get the problem fixed.


If you have more severe problems, such as flooding, you may have to halt your business operation until a drain technician can help you unclog the drain and clean up the water. This can cost you money from lost production or lost business.

●       Bad Plumbing Can Ruin Your Business Reputation

Let’s face it: most people equate plumbing problems with nasty sewage and gross substances—and rightly so. Plumbing is nasty, and nobody wants to deal with it. The last place customers should have to encounter plumbing problems is your business.


This is why one of the most common types of feedback in restaurants, gas stations, retail businesses, and other commercial settings is restroom sanitation and cleanliness. Customers rarely tell you if the bathroom is clean. However, they will be glad to tell you or others (i.e., online reviews) if the toilet won’t flush or there’s gunk coming out of the floor drain.


All it takes is one bad plumbing experience in your restroom or anywhere else on property, and you could lose a customer forever.

●       Drain Problems Can Eat Into Your Company Budget

Drain emergencies are more than just an inconvenience. They are also costly. When a drain overflows and spills across the floor, the water can cause structural damage to your building. If left untreated, you may also notice the development of mold.


Structural problems, drain problems, and structural damage requires repairs and drain cleaning. These costs can add up and eat into your operational budget.

Plumbing Maintenance Can Prevent Drain Emergencies

The best way to prevent drain emergencies is to contact a Drain Blaster Bill technician to perform routine plumbing inspections and maintenance. Ongoing maintenance, such as an annual drain cleaning, can keep your system clean and the water flowing smoothly through the pipes. We can identify any blockage in the plumbing system and clear it out quickly. When was the last time you scheduled a drain inspection? If it’s been a while, contact Drain Blaster Bill and schedule a plumbing assessment today.

Complete Drain Cleaning Services in Minneapolis, MN

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