When your drain gets severely clogged, your first thought may be to fix the problem yourself. This is a normal reaction. After all, those drain-cleaner products are supposed to work, right? The problem is that drain-cleaner products and other home remedies rarely produce real results. Sure, they work for a few days, but then the problem comes back.


This is why DIY drain cleaning solutions rarely work. Below, we list five reasons why you’ll never be satisfied with trying to fix drain problems yourself.

1. Drain Cleaners Are Toxic and Not Effective

Drain cleaners cause severe damage to your pipes over time. Whether you have metal pipes or PVC pipes, drain cleaners are powerful enough to eat through the material. The corrosive acids go to work on the joints first and then move on to the pipes.


Drain cleaners also don’t clean out your pipes completely. They eat through the blockage just enough to let the water through. The next time you turn your water on, you flush the cleanser into the septic tank (which isn’t good for the septic tank). Eventually, the blockage starts to rebuild and the vicious cycle continues.

2. Your Plumbing Problem May Be Worse Than You Realize

It’s hard to tell what is really going on in your plumbing system. While blockage seems simple enough, it could indicate any number of problems occurring in your pipes. The only way to tell what is going in your plumbing is to hire a professional drain cleaning company.


Drain Blaster Bill technicians utilize a special technique called camera inspection. We can feed a high-definition camera into the plumbing system to locate and identify the blockage. This method allows us to properly diagnose the problem and find the right long-term solution for fixing your pipes.

3. You Could Make the Problem Worse

If there is a serious problem with your pipes, you could magnify the problem by digging around in your pipes. Whether it is your toilet, main line, or your main drain, you could turn a small issue into a larger problem if you bust a pipe, loosen a connection, or cause a leak.


Our certified technicians have several decades of combined experience. We work with all types of plumbing systems. We can clear out your drain using specialized equipment that keeps us from damaging the pipes.

4. Your DIY Project Could Take Longer Than Expected

If you don’t have the right equipment, knowledge, or experience working on plumbing systems, it could take you hours to find the problem and then fix it. You may also waste your time renting equipment or wasting money on buying equipment only to find that the problem was worse than expected.


An experienced plumbing technician can solve the drain issue—sometimes in minutes—and then clear out the blockage just as fast. We utilize a technique called water jetting. By applying water pressure to the blockage, we can remove it quickly. This saves you money in labor costs and time trying to clean out your drains yourself.

Drain Maintenance and Repair in Minneapolis

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