Let’s be honest—drain cleaning can be expensive.


Most of the cost of drain cleaning comes from labor. This is especially true if a drain cleaning company charges by the hour. Add to that all the time spent using conventional methods of drain cleaning that take more time than necessary to clear out your drains and septic system.


For this reason, Drain Blaster Bill technicians continue to find solutions for making drain cleaning more efficient and affordable. We understand you don’t want to spend your hard-earned cash on plumbing problems.


One method we utilize for fast service and less plumbing labor is camera inspection. What is camera inspection and how does it save you time and money? We explain more below, so read on.

Camera Inspection: Finding the Drain Problem

Your plumbing network is made up of several pipes that all wind around until they lead to the main drain, which leads to your septic tank. As a result, locating and identifying a drain problem can be tricky at best. Using conventional methods, drain technicians usually have to feed some type of line into the system until they ‘feel’ the blockage.


However, even when the blockage is located, there is no way to really know what it is that’s causing the water to back up.


This is where camera inspection comes in.


We feed a tiny, but powerful, high-definition camera into the pipes to locate the blockage and then identify what the substance is made of. The camera sends a digital video or photo of the blockage to a screen where we can view it. Since the image is high-quality, we can easily see what the gunk is. It’s usually not pretty.


Once we’ve identified the blockage, we will know the right to use to remove it and restore the water flow back to your pipes. What used to take hours to do can now be accomplished in minutes.

The Benefits of Camera Inspections

There are several advantages of cleaning your pipes this way:


●        Less time spent finding the problem

●        Accurate diagnosis with zero guesswork

●        Reduced labor cost that puts more money back in your pocket

●        Finding the right solution to fix the problem

●        Zero damage to your pipes by sticking lines down the system


With all the benefits you receive from a camera inspection, it makes sense to contact Drain Blaster Bill to clean your pipes. We will not waste your time or money using old methods that are no longer relevant to today’s plumbing.

Drain Maintenance and Repair in Minneapolis

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