Drains exist in many rooms of the house. They are in bathrooms, the kitchen, and even the laundry room. Unfortunately, from time to time these drains can become clogged and back up. Troublesome clogs can create a cascade of problems in other areas of the home and can even lead to damaging flooding and costly pipe repairs. Being able to quickly identify the drain problem will help your drain cleaner with any necessary repairs. Below, let's examine some very common drain problems throughout the home.

●        Clogged Drains from Hair

Hair is the number one culprit of clogged drains. It is normal for people to lose some hair in the shower through regular washing. This hair usually runs down the drain and simply over time. When the hair is combined with residual soap and oils, the drain can become clogged. An easy way to help prevent the build up of hair in the drain is to use a screen to block the hair from entering the drain in the first place.

●        Food Debris

Another common problem is food debris going down the drain. Many people combat this problem by using a garbage disposal, but the truth is, some food cannot be processed and ground to prevent clogs. Many foods, like coffee grounds, simply never break down and can build up over time. Greasy and oily foods going down the drain can collect and create a nasty net to catch other food debris. Be wary of items that are soft when wet, like pasta and rice, but form a block of food concrete once dried. All of these foods can spell disaster for your drain and must be fixed by a professional.

●        Minerals

In areas with hard water, minerals build up can start to impact your drains. Minerals can form deposits where, once started, can be difficult to remove. This can be combated with the addition of a water softener or with regular descaling. A mineral build-up may be likely if you know you have hard water and your drains begin to run slower than usual. If a mass of mineral build-up does begin to form, it is best to call a professional drain cleaner to help alleviate the situation and clear the drain.

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