Modern technology has combined with tried and true drain cleaning techniques to utilize drain cameras to resolve plumbing issues. These tiny, high-definition cameras can be attached to a thin, metal pipe that is inserted in the drain. The inserted material is flexible enough to even swing around 90 degree turns in your piping. These cameras are hugely beneficial to both the homeowner and the drain cleaning technician to allow for a successful diagnosis and fast repair. Below, let's examine some benefits of using drain camera technology.

●        More Accurate

Using a drain camera to help diagnose troublesome drains is much more accurate than other diagnostic techniques. The high-definition camera, attached to a flexible piece of piping, is able to fit through pipes that only have a two-inch diameter. The camera then sends a live signal back to a small screen the technician is watching. The camera will move through the pipes until the problem is viewed. This means that the technician is able to visually inspect the problem, in real time. Using a drain camera for inspection and diagnosis is 100% accurate, 100% of the time.

●        Less Invasive

Other diagnostic methods in the past utilize a trial and error technique. This can mean that a drain cleaner is taking an educated guess as to where the drain is clogged and what exactly the problem is. Ultimately, a drain cleaner could cut into your pipes chasing a clog. Repairing cut or damaged pipes can be an extremely expensive and time-consuming process. By using a drain camera to successfully pinpoint the exact location of the clog, the technician will be able to find the problem and resolve it with a minimal amount of disruption to your piping system.

●        Fix Emergencies Faster

There can be several reasons why your drain is clogged. It can be a simple clog in the drain, a failed pipe or valve, a misaligned pipe, or even a collapse. Using a drain camera to find the problem is faster than other methods. Your technician will be able to locate and identify the problem, and then quickly begin his or her fix. When you have a drain emergency, time is of the essence, so identifying and repairing an emergency quickly and effectively is vital.

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