Many times when our team is called for a mainline sewer cleaning, we discover the clog is caused by dropping the wrong things down the kitchen sink, toilet, and shower. These are the most common items that block up the works and cost you money on plumbing repairs and services.

1.      Hair: Your hair is made out of a tough substance called keratin—same as your fingernails. It does not degrade and will tangle with other bits of debris in your drain to form a clog. Make sure your shower has a drain that catches hair, and throw it out before it disappears down the pipe.

2.      Fats and Grease: It might be tempting to dump the fry oil down the drain, but any kind of grease will solidify when it cools down. Inside your main drain, the fatty sludge will collect other bits of food, paper, and hair. It will not budge using a plunger as it suctions the clump to the side of the pipes. Place your frying fats into a disposable jug or can and toss into your regular trash.

3.      Sanitary Products: Even feminine products that are labeled biodegradable will not start to fall apart for about six months. Every time one is flushed down the system it creates a physical obstacle in the main sewer line that will start to dam up other solids in the system. Make sure to throw out any such waste in your regular garbage.

4.      Cat Litter: While some cat litters are labeled as flushable, they really aren't any good for your plumbing. Clay litters simply sink to the bottom of the drain. Clumping litter expands when it gets wet, so you end up with rocks in your pipes. Those that are made out of wheat or wood pellets will also expand before breaking down. When in doubt, leave the litter out of the toilet!

5.      Dinner Leftovers: If you grew up with a garbage disposal unit, you got used to scraping your plate into the kitchen sink. However, if you don't have a disposal system, you need to be scraping into the trash. The garbage disposal grinds up leftover foods into a mash that is able to be washed down your drain. Without the extra maceration, your steak and potatoes will simply jam up the works.

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