If you’re not a fan of wading through dirty water while you bathe, you’ll definitely want to remove hair and sludge from your shower drain on a monthly basis. You may also want to pour a pot of nearly boiling water down the drain to help flush out any grime and debris that may be lurking inside the pipe.

But even when you’re diligent about maintaining your shower drain, sometimes, clogs just show up. And when that happens, professional shower drain cleaning is your best bet for resolving the issue and restoring normal flow. 

Several factors affect the frequency at which you’ll need shower drain cleaning, so it’s important to look for signs that the drain may require cleaning, rather than relying on a set schedule.

Here are four signs that typically indicate the need for shower drain cleaning!

Your Shower Is Draining Slowly

Is your shower draining too slowly? Does dirty water pool around your feet and ankles even when you try your best to bathe as quickly as possible? If so, that’s a solid sign you need shower drain cleaning.

Water begins to drain slowly when something in the drain impedes the flow of water into or through the pipe. You could have a large mass of hair and grime stuck inside the topmost portion of the drain where it meets your shower’s floor, or there may be a clog somewhere deeper in the pipe.

Regardless of what you think might be the culprit, it’s a good idea to have a drain cleaning specialist take a look at the affected drain so the problem doesn’t get worse. Wherever the clog is located, a pro can quickly remove it, restore normal water flow, and identify any other potential issues with the drain that may need attention. 

You Start to Hear Bubbling or Gurgling

Is your drain making a bubbling or gurgling sound even when you’re not using it? Does that sound usually occur when you flush the toilet or use your bathroom sink? If so, you may need shower drain cleaning or mainline sewer cleaning may be necessary. But you won’t know what’s going on until you have a drain cleaning specialist inspect the pipe.

Often, bubbling and/or gurgling sounds are accompanied by water draining slowly due to a clog in the shower drain itself. If that’s the case with your drain, snaking or water jetting can quickly resolve the problem.

But if you start to hear strange noises coming from the drain when it’s not actually in use, those noises may indicate a blockage somewhere in the main drain that carries water away from your home. If that’s the case with your drain, you should call a sewer cleaning specialist at your earliest convenience as a mainline sewer problem can result in costly damage to your pipes.

You Smell an Odor Coming From the Shower Drain

Have you noticed a bad odor that appears to be coming from your shower? Do you smell it when the water is running or can you detect a sewer-like smell even when you’re not in the shower?

In some cases, there could be a blockage that can’t make it down the drain. As that clog sits, it may begin to stink as warm water repeatedly flows over it and encourages bacteria to grow. In other cases, a stinky shower drain stems from something much more problematic: a blockage in the main sewer line that carries water out of your home. Both situations call for professional attention.

Whether you smell a funky drain odor while you’re showering or detect an off-putting, sewer-like odor when you walk in the bathroom, chances are you’re past due for a drain cleaning appointment.

Worried there might be a blockage in your home’s main drain? Check out 6 Warning Signs of a Main Sewer Line Blockage to learn about what you should look for.

Your Drain Clogs Repeatedly

Does your shower drain tend to slow down randomly and then drain just fine a few days later? Or maybe it slows down and gets better when you plunge it but then slows down again a few days or weeks later? If so, that’s a solid sign you’re due for shower draining cleaning.

A drain that repeatedly clogs or slows down and then appears to drain okay likely contains considerable buildup somewhere inside the pipe. Plunging can work temporarily since it creates water pressure that moves the clog around and allows water to flow on by. But plunging usually doesn’t provide a long-term fix since it doesn’t actually remove the clog from the drain or break it apart.

A shower drain cleaning specialist can perform a drain camera inspection to locate the source of the problem and identify any other contributing issues within the pipe. If you have a large, very solid clog, water jetting can quickly break it apart and flush it all the way through the pipe.

Drain snaking is another option that can break apart a persistent clog and restore proper water flow much more effectively than plunging.  

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