It’s recommended you remove hair and sludge from your shower drain on a monthly basis. You can also pour a pot of nearly boiling water down the drain to help flush out any clogs that may be lurking in the drains. Eventually, though, you will need to have your shower drain professionally cleaned.


There are many factors that affect the frequency in which you need shower drain cleaned, so it’s important to look for signs that the drain may need to be cleaned, rather than to rely on a set cleaning schedule. Here are three of the signs your shower drain may give you when it is in need of drain cleaning:


1.      Your Shower is Slowly Draining

Is your shower draining too slowly? When this happens, water may begin to puddle or pool at your feet. Water begins to drain slowly when something in the drain is impeding the flow of water. Shower drain cleaning can remove the toughest clog and water to flow freely again.


2.      You Start to Hear Bubbling or Gurgling

Is your drain making a bubbling or gurgling sound, even when you’re not using it? Most often, a bubbling or gurgling sound is accompanied by water draining slowly, but not always. If you start to hear strange noises coming from the drain as water is draining away, immediately after you turn the shower off, or even if the shower isn’t running, a drain cleaning is more than likely needed.


3.      There is an Odor Coming From the Drain

Whether it’s in use, have you noticed a bad odor coming from the drain of your shower? In some cases, there could be a blockage that can’t make it down the drain. As it sits, the clog may begin to smell as water constantly flows over it and it remains in the drain. When you step into the shower and smell something funky or bad coming from the drain, you are due to have your drains cleaned.


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