All of your pipes flow down into the main drain. When that pipe gets clogged, nothing good will happen. The washing machine won't drain, the tub becomes a pool of standing water, and even the kitchen sink turns into a quagmire of grease. What about the toilet? You don't even want to think about the sea of stinking ick that could end up on your bathroom floor. Learn some common symptoms of a clogged drain, so you can call Drain Blaster Bill serving the Inner Grove Heights area before you are living a nightmare.

What is that Gurgling Noise?

Are you noticing a gurgling noise coming from the bathroom sink after you flush? While everything is eventually going down the drain, that noise is an indication that the water is encountering some kind of obstacle in the pipes. The gurgle is a result of trapped gas struggling to escape up the stack, which means your main drain is not working right.

Strange Water Stains in the Basement

In older homes with unfinished basements and sometimes cast iron pipes, you may notice a persistent stain on the floor.  It isn't wet all the time, but perhaps it returns after somebody takes a shower or uses the washing machine. Instead of flowing down the main drain, water may be backing up in other pipes and seeping around old joints until it slowly works its way out to the main sewer connection.

Water Up to Your Ankles in the Shower

You have pulled the hair out of the shower drain, poured some chemical down the pipe, and still the shower slowly fills with water every morning. It does drain, but it never keeps up, so you get to splash around a bit. Grease, roots, and foreign objects can all combine to create a blockage in your main drain that doesn't completely stop the water, but seriously slows it down.


If you have any combination of these issues, now is a good time to call Drain Blaster Bill Sewer and Drain Cleaning to have your main drain inspection and main drain cleaning service completed.  If you keep ignoring these warning signs, you may come home from work and discover that your dishes were not washed in clean water, the laundry leaked all over the basement, and the suds from your morning shower are still swirling in the tub.


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