Clogged drains are common in both homes and businesses, but they aren't all fixed the same way. The material causing the clog, the material the drain is made from, and the type of drain all affect which methods are used to get the water flowing again. Here are some of the ways Drain Blaster Bill clears drain clogs:

●       Water Jetting

Water jetting is a relatively new method used to force clogs to go all the way down the drain. It is also referred to as hydro jetting. In many cases, it can replace snaking or even augering. When it can be done, it is typically faster and cleaner than snaking.

Typically, water jetting is done through an opening in the drain called a "cleanout," but other methods may be employed. Importantly, the drain must be in good physical condition for this method to be used. Therefore, the drain cleaner may inspect the drain by inserting a small camera before proceeding. This ensures the pipe it can handle the pressure generated by the procedure.

Depending on the situation, hydro jetting can be more effective than snaking. It will clean the sides of the pipe, so it is more effective on clogs that come from grease and other residue. Snaking, on the other hand, works well for forcing hair or solid foreign objects through a drain. However, snaking is unlikely to keep a greasy drain clear for long.

●       Snaking

If a child's toy, makeup lid, or other such object ends up in a drain, or it is clogged with something like hair, snaking is usually an effective way to clear the obstruction. It uses a long, metal cable, known as the "snake," to push these obstacles down the pipe. This is one of the oldest drain cleaner’s tools for drain clearance, and it will usually work. However, the effect typically doesn't last long if the clog is made of grease instead of solid material. That's because the snake doesn't clean the sides of the drain, and grease clinging there will quickly fill back in and re-clog the pipe.

●       Augering

This is typically used to clear tree roots from the line during mainline sewer cleaning. The drain auger is basically a larger and more powerful version of a snake. Because of this, a regular snake is called an auger at times. However, when tree roots are involved, the auger refers to the stronger version. A root-grinding tool is typically attached when it is used for this situation.

If the pipe in question is otherwise in good shape, water jetting may be used to clear the tree roots instead. However, if the roots were able to get in because of serious cracks in the pipe, it may be better to use the older, mechanical method. This will keep water pressure from forcing larger cracks into the pipe.

With these methods at our disposal, we can definitely get your drains to flow again. Don't frustrate yourself or risk damaging your drain with DIY attempts any longer; give us a call here at Drain Blaster Bill and let us take care of the problem!