If you’re dealing with a drain blockage, you’ve likely done a bit of research to determine whether you can tackle the problem on your own. While it may be possible to clear a minor drain clog by yourself, nine times out of ten, amateur techniques don’t deliver long-term results. At Drain Blaster Bills, many of our clients admit they’ve attempted to clear a clog, only to find that it reforms within days. That’s because drain clearing and drain cleaning are two distinct processes, both of which require professional expertise to be successful. Before you attempt to take action on that blockage, take a moment to learn which approach your drain requires, and who is most appropriate for the job. 


What is Drain Clearing?

If you’ve been searching for do-it-yourself fixes for a clogged drain, you’ve likely come across several methods of releasing various drain obstructions. These methods fall into the category of drain clearing, not drain cleaning.


Drain clearing is the process of breaking apart pipe blockages that prevent water from flowing smoothly through your plumbing. Clearing a drain involves nothing more than grinding through the offending obstruction to allow backed up water to travel through the pipe. Unfortunately, many do-it-yourself types opt for chemical drain cleaners in an attempt to burn through drain-clogging buildup, which is a dangerous mistake for any plumbing system. Here’s what safe, professional drain clearing typically involves:


●        Drain Snaking. A technician inserts a professional plumbing snake into the affected drain. The snake consists of a heavy-duty metal cable that may be up to 100 feet in length. At the end of the cable sits a rotating, motorized blade that works to break apart blockages in its path.


Once the blade breaks through obstructions within the pipe, water can flow down the drain as usual. However, the debris that composed the blockage remains within the pipe, where it will likely contribute to future drain clogs. The drain may appear functional, but generally, drain snaking alone is not a long term solution.


While a DIY enthusiast can certainly purchase a drain snake at a local hardware store, consumer-grade products can’t hold a candle to the effectiveness of a professional drain auger. We’ve seen many homes where owners attempted to clear severe drain clogs using low-quality, flimsy equipment. Unfortunately, those who were successful found their solution was short-lived. In most cases, the clog returned within weeks.   


What is Drain Cleaning?

Drain cleaning is a professional service that eradicates buildup from within your pipes. Unlike drain clearing, this technique is meant to be a long-term solution for stubborn drain clogs. If you’ve repeatedly attempted to clear the blockage, and the clog persists, professional drain cleaning is necessary. At Drain Blaster Bill’s, our professional drain cleaning service often includes drain snaking, but in many instances, we also employ the following procedures:


●        Camera Drain Inspection. A thorough drain inspection allows us to determine the exact location of blockages within your pipes. Camera inspection offers homeowners a distinct advantage as we no longer require extensive time or manpower to manually locate drain clogs beneath your home or underground.  


For the procedure, a technician inserts a high-definition, waterproof camera into your affected drain. The camera is situated at the end of a long, flexible rod, which we can easily wind through pipes as small two inches in diameter. Our video monitor displays a continual feed from the drain camera, which allows us to not only locate the blockage, but also determine what it contains.


If the blockage stems from a damaged pipe or tree root intrusion, cleaning the drain probably won’t solve the problem satisfactorily. We employ camera drain inspections so we can diagnose issues with 100% accuracy and avoid causing further damage to your plumbing.


●        Water Jetting. A thorough drain cleaning isn’t complete without high-pressure water jetting. This procedure is designed to eradicate buildup from within your pipes using a high-pressure jet of water. Occasionally, we also add abrasive materials to the water, which help scrub away long-standing buildup and cut through solid materials within the pipe.


This cleaning method is highly effective against even the most stubborn clogs because it forces all existing debris out of your pipes, which lessens the chance of future issues. Plus, it’s usually faster and easier to perform than traditional drain snaking.


It’s important to note that high-pressure water jetting may not be appropriate for homes with dated plumbing systems. Deteriorating, fragile, or historic plumbing typically cannot handle the tremendous force of a water jetting procedure. 


Need Drain Cleaning? Contact Drain Blaster Bill’s

At Drain Blaster Bill’s, we’re drain cleaning and clearing experts because that’s all we do. We specialize in advanced drain cleaning techniques that can tackle even the most severe blockages in your Twin Cities home. Depending on your situation, we can perform camera drain inspections, water jetting, or professional drain snaking to ensure your drains are clear and in proper working order. To learn more about our services or to schedule your appointment, feel free to contact our team. You can also give us a call at 763-913-8719 or click here to request your free estimate.