Minnesota weather is finally warming up! And we all know what that means: spring cleaning time. What’s on your spring cleaning to-do list this year? Closet consolidation? Garage cleanup? Landscaping work? How about drain cleaning? At Drain Blaster Bill’s Sewer & Drain Cleaning, we know drains probably aren’t the first thing on any homeowner’s spring cleaning list—in fact, in many households, drain cleaning doesn’t make the list at all. But that’s a hazardous mistake to make. If you haven’t thought about adding professional drain cleaning to your weekend to-do list, here are five excellent reasons to change your mind:


Minimize Drain Blockages

When it comes to maintaining a clog-free plumbing system, preventative maintenance is key. Ideally, you should have your household drains inspected and professionally cleaned once per year to minimize drain buildup and prevent blockages. At Drain Blaster Bill’s, our process includes:


●        Camera drain inspection. Using a high-definition camera, we examine your pipes for minor obstructions and buildup that can slow normal water flow. Once we’ve located areas in need of attention, we can begin the drain cleaning process.

●        Drain snaking. If minor drain blockages are present, drain snaking is an excellent method of breaking them down. We’ll select the appropriate drain auger based on the type of drain in question and feed it through the pipe until we reach the blockage. Then, it’s just a matter of grinding through the obstruction until it’s small enough to flow through the pipe.

●        Drain water jetting. For stubborn clogs or thick, sludgy drain buildup, water jetting is the only tool for the job. Though a drain snake can grind through blockages, it won’t eliminate the ground-up debris from within your pipes. Water jetting, on the other hand, uses a high-pressure jet of water to blast through virtually anything inside the drain. When we’re done with a water jetting treatment, your pipes will be as clean as if they were new.


By implementing these drain cleaning tools at regular intervals, you reduce the amount of buildup lurking along the inner walls of your pipes. And without sticky, sludgy buildup lining your drains, it’s much more difficult for clogs to form.


Odor Reduction

If you’ve ever dealt with smelly drains, you know just how off-putting that odor can be. The worst part? It isn’t just your drains that stink; it’s your whole house. If you’ve noticed unusual odors that won’t go away with a simple hot water rinse, annual professional drain cleaning can help.


Often, drains develop weird stenches when buildup within the pipes begins to decay and emit odors. Other times, when your mainline sewer drain backs up, sewer gases or liquids can make their way into your household drains, in which case you’ll notice an overpowering, unmistakable odor. In both situations, professional drain cleaning can help mitigate drain odors by removing debris accumulation and drain blockages within your plumbing system.


Prevent Pipe Deterioration

If you rarely (or never) have your drains cleaned, how do you handle drain clogs when they arise? If you’re like many homeowners, you probably turn to the drain cleaning aisle at your local home improvement store. Big mistake.


Chemical drain cleaners are notoriously harsh on your plumbing, and depending on the type of pipes you have, those cleaners can cause significant corrosion. Though harsh cleaners can certainly dissolve drain blockages, they do so by literally burning through the buildup within your pipes. And unfortunately, that burning action isn’t limited to the blockage alone.


When chemical cleaners sit inside the pipe for long durations, they don’t just eat away at the drain clog; they eat away at the interior of the pipe, too. With repeated use, such cleaners can cause significant pipe deterioration, especially if you own an older home or haven’t updated your plumbing in years. 


Bottom line? Professional drain cleaning tackles dirty drains without the need for harsh, damaging chemicals. If you want to keep your pipes in great shape (and avoid expensive plumbing repairs), opt for manual drain cleaning over bottled quick fixes.


Minimize Repair Costs

Catching a minor problem before it becomes a major issue can potentially save you thousands of dollars in home repair costs. When you’ve got thousands of gallons of water flowing through your pipes on a monthly basis, even a minor leak or system backup can cause extensive (and expensive) water damage.


To avoid pricey water damage restoration or mold remediation associated with pipe leaks, an annual camera drain inspection and professional drain cleaning are key. Though replacing a worn or damaged pipe may be inconvenient, minor plumbing repairs are infinitely less devastating than warped walls or floorboards. The quicker you locate and remedy small problems, the lower your chances of incurring extensive water damage.


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