Are you aware of the current condition of your household plumbing? If not, you should be. Properly maintained drains are a critical component of a healthy plumbing system, but the majority of homeowners aren’t privy to the conditions inside their pipes. Unfortunately, that often means they’re living with undetected drain issues that can quickly spiral out of control.


Fortunately, camera drain inspection is a quick and easy technique for assessing your household drain health. Below, we’re discussing how to determine when it’s time to schedule a drain assessment.


You Suspect a Mainline Sewer Problem

If you think you might have a foundation leak, early diagnosis and correction are critical. Typically, foundation leaks result from complications with your main sewer line, but digging up the ground around the foundation is tedious, expensive, and time consuming. Good news: all that digging is totally unnecessary.


Rather than excavating your yard to locate the source of the problem, a camera drain inspection can easily detect pipe issues with minimal time and effort. Even better, the procedure is far less expensive than excavation while producing the same results. Repairing structural home damage caused by a mainline sewer problem can be very expensive, so if you suspect a serious issue, schedule a camera drain inspection immediately.


Your Water Pressure Fluctuates Frequently

Did you know fluctuating water pressure is a sign of a plumbing problem? Minor drain clogs can cause water pressure to decrease, but in many cases, dwindling pressure is due to a pipe leak. If left untreated, even a minor water leak can cause significant home damage over time, which means early diagnosis and repair is essential.


If you suspect a pipe leak, a camera drain inspection is minimally disruptive way to locate the source of your water pressure problem. Here’s what the procedure involves:


●        One of our highly trained technicians inserts a high-definition camera attached to a sturdy, flexible rod into your drain opening.

●        The technician slowly guides the camera through the pipe, viewing the interior conditions via the connected monitor screen.

●        If a blockage or leak appears on the screen, the technician notes the location of the issue and proceeds with the inspection to guarantee no further issues exist.

●        If we determine a blockage is the source of the problem, we’ll proceed with our advanced drain cleaning process. We can either save the video or create an image of each problem area to refer back to during the cleaning process.


Keep in mind that even the most skilled, experienced plumber can misdiagnose a drain issue without a visual inspection of the pipe’s interior. Unfortunately, misdiagnosis almost always leads to expensive problems down the road. To diagnose plumbing issues with 100% accuracy, there’s virtually no better option than a camera drain inspection.


You Have Slow or Backed-Up Drains

Moderate to severe drain blockages are behind 99% of slow and backed-up drains. If you’ve noticed sluggish toilet flushing, slow sink drainage, or backed-up water in your tub, it’s high time for a camera drain inspection. Though many homeowners write off these warning signs as typical, slow drains always warrant further investigation.


The problem could be as simple as a massive hairball or a collection of food waste, which is easily remedied with standard drain cleaning. But, if it’s something more serious, such as a tree root intrusion in your underground pipes, prompt detection is critical to avoid serious water damage.


Your Just Purchased Your Home

You never know what the previous homeowners let slide down your drains, so if you’ve just moved into a new home, it’s always smart to schedule a drain inspection. If your home is on the older side, or if your new yard contains several large trees, a camera drain inspection is particularly useful.


Because decades-old pipes are typically narrower than those used in modern construction, older homes are particularly susceptible to drain blockages. Too, large trees have extensive root systems, which can penetrate underground plumbing over decades of normal growth. 


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