If you own a busy commercial property, chances are you’ll deal with drain blockages from time to time. And the way you approach (or neglect) those clogs can absolutely affect your business’s bottom line. From decreased employee productivity in busy commercial kitchens to upset customers who can’t use your toilets, drain clogs can cause plenty of operational problems.


When you need to quickly and efficiently resolve those clog-related issues, commercial water jetting is perhaps the most effective way to get the job done. The experts at Drain Blaster Bill’s Sewer & Drain Cleaning explain how the procedure works and it’s unique benefits below.


Commercial Water Jetting: What It Is & How It Works

Of all commercial drain cleaning procedures, water jetting is the most effective and efficient way to eliminate stubborn drain blockages in any pipe. The procedure uses a highly pressurized jet of water mixed with abrasive materials to cut through even the toughest of materials, including:


●        Metals

●        Tree roots

●        Stone

●        Plastic

●        Other hard substances


Because the jet of water is so powerful, it also eliminates any buildup along the interior walls of the pipe. From mineral buildup, food particles, and oily residue to compacted hygiene products, soap scum, and massive hairballs, there’s nothing a commercial water jet can’t tackle.


When a drain cleaning specialist performs a commercial water jetting procedure, he’ll usually perform a camera drain inspection beforehand to locate the blockage. After locating the clog, he’ll then feed a hose and nozzle into the drain. The hose is attached to a high-pressure pump that typically contains several hundred gallons of water, which will be pressurized to 4,000 PSI and forced through the pipe.


Once the nozzle reaches the appropriate position, the specialist will begin the water jetting procedure, which requires only a few minutes to complete. Because the pressurized stream of water is so powerful, it can cut through virtually anything in no time flat.


Because commercial water jetting is so efficient at clearing even the worst drain blockages, it offers busy businesses a variety of benefits over standard drain cleaning procedures, such as snaking. Below, we’ll discuss those benefits in further detail.


Commercial Water Jetting: 4 Distinct Benefits

If you’re facing what appears to be a significant drain clog and it’s affecting your daily operations, water jetting can get your business back on track in no time. When you opt for a water jetting specialist over a standard drain cleaning professional, you’ll enjoy a variety of benefits, including:


●        Rapid drain cleaning

Unlike snaking, which can take a long time depending on the size and severity of the drain blockage, water jetting requires just a few minutes. When you run a busy business, time is money, and the longer your drains remain clogged, the more those blockages affect your bottom line. If you need to get operations back up and running quickly, water jetting is the best way to do it.


●        Cost savings

Though commercial water jetting might sound like a more expensive way to clear a drain blockage, that’s generally a false assumption. Rather, because water jetting is so efficient, you’ll likely save on labor costs associated with drain cleaning. Remember, less efficient drain cleaning procedures like snaking can require a substantial amount of time to resolve stubborn clogs. You’ll pay for that time in the form of hourly rates.


●        Long-term pipe maintenance

Commercial water jetting is a great way to ensure the pipes in your building remain well maintained. When performed by a trained professional, the procedure shouldn’t cause any damage to your building’s plumbing system and will leave the interior of the drain completely free of buildup. Unlike other drain cleaning techniques that only break apart the blockage itself, water jetting removes everything from the interior of the pipe, including residual buildup.


●        Odor mitigation

If your drains smell terrible (this often occurs in commercial kitchens as a result of oil and food washing down the drains), water jetting can eliminate the odor entirely. Because the stream of water is so powerful, it removes bacteria that have settled into the drain over time, and it’s that bacteria that produces an unmistakable stench. After a water jetting treatment, foul drain odors will be a thing of the past.


Curious whether water jetting is right for your clogged commercial drain? Get in touch with our team at Drain Blaster Bill’s to schedule a camera drain inspection and cleaning. We’ll locate the clog, advise you on the best course of action to remove it, and get to work thoroughly cleaning your drains.


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