When you’re struggling with clogged drains in your commercial building, relying on chemical-based, commercial drain cleaning products might sound like an attractive option. But know this: opting for the DIY route could potentially jeopardize your building’s pipes — is that really what you’re after?


At Drain Blaster Bill’s Sewer & Drain Cleaning, we understand drain blockages in busy commercial buildings can put a serious wrench in day-to-day operations. But opting for commercially available cleaning products may not be your best (or safest!) option. Why not? Below, we explain what you need to know about using chemical drain cleaners, along with the best options for keeping your building’s pipes flowing freely.


What’s Wrong With Commercial Drain Cleaning Products?

Just because a bottle of drain cleaner is labeled “commercial” doesn’t mean the product is actually safe for commercial pipes. In fact, professional drain cleaners have been attempting to dismantle this myth for decades, and unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.


So what’s so bad about chemical-based cleaners? Though these types of products can absolutely break down clogs inside a drain, they do so by burning through the clog. Think about that for a minute — burning. So if a chemical-based cleaner can burn through a tough clog, then wouldn’t it follow that it can also burn through the material that forms the pipe?


That’s why chemical cleaners are so hazardous for any commercial building’s plumbing system — they can damage the pipes. Though significant pipe deterioration probably won’t occur after a single use, with repeated application, commercial drain cleaning products can slowly degrade piping. And eventually, they can cause weaknesses at pipe joints and attachments, which can result in plumbing leaks and even bursting pipes. Other problems with commercial drain cleaning products include:


●        They’re toxic. The fumes from chemical drain cleaners are highly toxic to human health, and if you inhale them, they can cause respiratory irritation.


●        They’re bad for the environment. With climate change on the rise, it’s critical that everyone does their part in taking care of our precious planet. Residue from chemical drain cleaners can contaminate water, poison wildlife, and kill plants.


●        They don’t always work. Depending on the severity of the drain blockage and the type of chemical-based cleaner, the product may not be strong enough to dissolve the offending clog. Furthermore, if the blockage is caused by something like a tree root, chemical cleaners won’t even make a dent in it. The only way to clear a severe blockage like that is to call in the pros. 


What’s the Best Way to Clean Commercial Drains?

If commercial cleaning products are bad for your building’s pipes, then what exactly are your safest drain cleaning options? Glad you asked! When your building has a tough drain blockage, turn to the commercial drain cleaning experts for assistance. Here are your options from a professional cleaner:


●        Drain snaking. Depending on the severity of the clog, drain snaking may be an effective way to clear it. After the technician locates the clog during a camera drain inspection, he’ll insert a very long metal cable into the drain, which is propelled by a motorized unit. He’ll then maneuver the drain snake to break apart the clog and flush the drain with water to push the debris through the pipe.


●        Commercial water jetting. Water jetting is the most effective drain cleaning technique available, and it’s incredibly safe for almost any building’s pipes (buildings with antiquated plumbing systems may not qualify for this technique). The procedure uses a high-pressure jet of water — which is powerful enough to cut through solid objects — to break apart even the toughest, most compacted drain blockages. When the clog breaks apart, the jet of water forces the pieces through the remainder of the pipe.


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