When it comes to maintaining a functional household plumbing system, keeping your drains clean is one of the best ways to do it. But even when you’re diligent about keeping clog-inducing waste and foreign objects out of your pipes, they can still develop minor to moderate drain blockages.


To help you identify minor drain problems before they grow severe, the experts at Drain Blaster Bill’s share six common plumbing situations that typically indicate the need for drain cleaning.


Standing Water in Bathtubs, Showers, or Sinks

If you notice water accumulating in your bathtub or on the floor of your shower during use, that’s a common indication of a minor to moderate blockage somewhere in the pipe. The same idea applies to water accumulation in your sinks when the drain is open far enough to allow water to pass through.


If the water accumulation in your bathtub, shower, or sink eventually disappears, that’s a good sign. It means liquid can still pass through the drain, but without prompt attention, the existing clog can grow severe. It might take days or even weeks for a complete blockage to form, but you can prevent such an occurrence by scheduling a drain cleaning appointment with a qualified specialist.


If water accumulation is an ongoing problem, consider scheduling a camera drain inspection to assess the interior of your pipes. A more serious issue, such as a tree root intrusion in your main trunk line, could be the culprit behind the issue.


Weak Toilet Flushing or Waste Backups

A toilet that hardly flushes could have several issues that contribute to the problem, not least among them are drain clogs. When there’s a blockage in your toilet drain, water and waste cannot pass through the pipe efficiently, which can cause insufficient flushing or temporary drain clogs.


While a plunger can provide a temporary fix for this type of problem, the only lasting solution for clearing a perpetually slow-draining toilet is comprehensive drain cleaning. A camera drain inspection may also be useful for identifying anything inside the pipe that may be causing the blockage. If your drain cleaning specialist cannot identify the clog, one of the following issues may be causing your toilet’s weak flush:


●        A build-up of hard water minerals in the rim feed holes of the toilet

●        A damaged or deteriorated flapper

●        A flapper with excess slack in the chain

●        Low water level in the toilet tank


If drain cleaning doesn’t solve your weak flush woes, a plumber can assess your toilet for any of the above issues that may be causing the problem. 


Slow Drains

Slow draining is almost always caused by a partial drain blockage that can be quickly eliminated with drain snaking or water jetting. If any of your drains suddenly develop slow drainage problems, try pouring hot water into the drain to see if that helps first. Periodically flushing your household drains with hot water can help mitigate buildup on the interior of the pipes, which helps them maintain proper drainage speed.


If you continually struggle with slow drains anywhere in your home, schedule a camera drain inspection with a drain cleaning specialist. A camera inspection will quickly locate the source of the problem and the specialist can address the clog on the spot.


Unpleasant Drain Odors

One common sign of an impending drain clog is an unpleasant drain odor. If you’ve noticed strange smells wafting from any of the drains in your home, you must deal with this issue promptly to avoid a more serious problem. Typically, water jetting is an effective drain cleaning solution for eliminating existing drain odors and preventing their future development.


Keep in mind, though, that other plumbing issues can result in foul drain odors. Often, sewage odors that emanate from infrequently used drains are not caused by impending drain blockages. Rather, they develop when the drain’s p-trap becomes dehydrated, which is simple to fix.


To remedy a foul-smelling drain in an infrequently used tub or sink, simply run water into the drain to refill the p-trap. The p-trap is the u-shaped portion of the pipe just beneath the drain opening, which is designed to contain water to prevent sewer gases from wafting up through the pipes.


Unusual Drain Noises

If your drains are unusually loud, you’ve likely got a plumbing problem on your hands. Gurgling, slurping, knocking, and dripping sounds are never normal, so if you’re dealing with this issue, schedule a camera drain inspection at your earliest convenience.


A camera inspection of your pipes can locate the culprit behind your strange drain noises, and if the sounds are the result of some type of blockage, your technicians can clear it. If the inspection identifies another type of issue that may be causing strange sounds, such as a leak or pipe corrosion, you’ll need to have a plumber perform a more comprehensive pipe inspection. 


Water Backup Through Bathtub or Floor Drains

If you ever notice water backing up into your bathtub or through a floor drain when you flush the toilet, chances are there’s a serious blockage in your main sewer line. Since the main trunk line collects all of the water and waste from every drain in your home, it can be prone to developing blockages more quickly than other drains.


Furthermore, because your main trunk line runs underground to carry waste into your septic system or the city sewer, it can be susceptible to tree root intrusions. If your property features several large, old trees, their roots can grow right through the walls of the main trunk line, which will cause a severe clog.


Anytime you experience a backed-up floor drain, it’s imperative that you have the issue checked out by a drain cleaning professional. A quick sewer camera inspection can reveal potential problems inside the pipe and comprehensive water jetting can eliminate even the most stubborn clogs. If a plumber is necessary to inspect or remedy the problem, your drain cleaning specialist can refer you to a qualified professional.


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