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Cottage Grove, MN Plumber, Providing Emergency Drain Services

Do you have a blocked drain in your home or business? Then contact Drain Blaster Bill today. We offer fast, efficient drain cleaning services in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. You can count on us for work of the highest caliber, affordable rates that stay in your budget, and friendly service without all the hassle.

Our trained and skilled technicians can clean plumbing systems in both residential and commercial properties. Contact us today at 763-913-8719 and let us help you with your backed-up plumbing system.

Why Hire a Drain Cleaning Plumber in Cottage Grove?

We offer complete drain cleaning services to help you with any type of plumbing problem you may have. Our services include:

  • Toilets. There may be a foreign object lodged in your toilet that you can’t seem to flush down. If so, we’ll identify the object and remove it from the pipes.
  • Bathroom drains. We can clean out your entire bathroom by cleaning out the shower, sink, and tub drains. If there is any blockage in the faucets, we can also clean it out so that the water flows smoothly into your sink, tub, or shower.
  • Mainline sewer drain. The main sewer line can easily become clogged due to all the other lines feeding into it. If it suffers from a blockage, this can affect your entire plumbing system. We can inspect the sewer to determine the extent of the blockage, and then clean it out as needed.
  • Laundry drain. The most common item in laundry drains is lint and items that fall out of clothing pockets. Lint can build up over time and slow down the draining water. We can identify where the lint is stuck and remove it from the pipes. This will keep your washing machine or pipes from overflowing in the laundry room.

Residential and Commercial Drain Cleaning

We offer drain cleaning for both residential and commercial properties in Cottage Grove, MN. As a homeowner, you may notice blockage that occurs as a result of cosmetics, toys, food, grease, hair, toiletries, and foreign object that don’t belong in drains. Likewise, as a business owner, you may experience employees or customers who put things down the drains that don’t belong there.

In either case, we can help you solve your drain problems with our simple and easy drain cleaning service. When you contact us, we’ll send a technician out to assess your pipes, identify the blockage, and come up with the best solution for removing it from the plumbing. We’ll totally restore your system back to normal in no time.

Three Ways We Can Clean Your Plumbing & Drains In Cottage Grove

Drain Blaster Bill Technicians are trained to use the advanced drain cleaning equipment and tools that help us get the job done with absolute precision. Three techniques we use for ensuring quality work include:

  • Drain snake: A drain snake is a simple device that we feed into the pipes until it reaches the blocked area. Once we make contact with the substance, we twist the snake around. This action helps us break up the content until we completely remove it. The procedure is fast and easy.
  • Water jetting: By using the power water, we can create a jet stream that impacts and busts through the extremely difficult blockage. Water jets present no harm to your pipes, and they help us completely flush everything out of the plumbing. Your pipes are free of all debris and residue.
  • Camera inspection: By using a camera that we insert into the pipes, we can quickly identify where the gunk is and come up with a solution for removing it. Camera pipes allow us to diagnose a problem with accuracy and use the right tool to clear out the system.

Schedule a Drain Cleaning With a Drain Blaster Bill Technician

If you need assistance with your clogged drain right away, then contact Drain Blaster Bill. We offer complete drain cleaning services that help you with any issue anywhere in your home or business.

To schedule a plumbing inspection or drain cleaning, call us at 763-913-8719. You can also message us on our contact page.

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