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About Clogged Bathroom Sink Cleaning

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You and your family use your bathroom sink at least three to five times daily. Within that time a considerable amount of soap, hair, and other substances wash down the drain. It doesn’t take long before these elements start to harden and build up. They can create a solid wall that keeps the water from properly draining. When your bathroom sink gets backed up, trust the professionals at Drain Blaster Bill to clear out your plumbing and restore your system.

What Causes a Sink to Clog Up?
Several items can cause your sink to clog up. For instance, hair can slowly gather around the trap or at the drain. Soap scum and makeup residue can harden, making it extremely difficult for water to flow through. Water could also be backing up from somewhere else in your plumbing system. If none of these possibilities are causing the problem, there could be a foreign object lodged in the pipes.

Before You DIY, Call Our Sink Cleaning Service
Although it’s possible to solve some drain problems yourself, you may find that it’s more difficult to identify what’s causing a sink drain clog. Many times a sink drain is connected to another pipe that connects to the main line. Therefore, if the mainline is clogged, pouring a chemical down the bathroom sink probably won’t do the trick. The solution is to call a professional drain cleaning technician to find out where the clog is located.

We Provide Professional Bathroom Drain Cleaning
A Drain Blaster Bill technician can give your plumbing system a thorough assessment to determine the nature of the drain blockage. Each of our certified technicians has the experience and skill necessary to identify the obstruction and then remove it quickly. We do more than just break up the debris. We completely clean out the inside of the pipes so that your system can start fresh. With Drain Blaster Bill, you can feel confident that your pipes are truly clean.

Advanced Camera Inspection for Your Plumbing
Sometimes it’s difficult to figure where the clog in your plumbing is located. Pouring chemicals down the drain and hoping they work often results in failed attempts. The only sure way to know if your pipes are cleaned out is to view the blockage. We utilize advanced camera inspection technology that allows us to see the gunk in your sink firsthand. We can observe the clogged areas using a high-definition camera attached to a monitor. If we know where the problem is, we can fix it with higher accuracy and efficiency.

Professional Bathroom Drain Cleaning
If your sink is backed up and you don’t know how to fix it, contact Drain Blaster Bill. We provide a wide range of services including drain blockages, mainline sewer cleaning, drain snaking, and clogged toilets. You can depend on us for fast service, affordable rates, and work you can rely on from start to finish. Our service extends to homeowners in Stillwater, Minnesota and Twin Cities metro. To schedule a cleaning, contact us at (763) 913-8719 or message us on our contact page.

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