When it comes to pipe cleaning services flushing out plumbing systems, there are two standard methods: Stick a piece of equipment such as snake down into the pipes and remove the obstructions, or you can utilize water pressure to clear all items inside the plumbing. While both of these methods have their pros and cons, water jetting has proven to be a more efficient and practical approach. Here's why:


Your Pipes are 100% Clean

With traditional techniques, residue remains on the inside of the pipeline. Items flowing through the pipes will attach to the residue and accumulation of debris will start all over. Hydro jetting completely clears out the entire plumbing network leaving nothing behind. All debris will flow freely the through the pipes. The buildup is less likely to occur.


Water Jetting is More Cost Effective

Water Jetting may cost little more on the front end, but you'll spend less on labor. Using a snake to clean out a clogged pipe takes more effort and time. The labor costs will rack up quickly. You'll pay more by the hour, and you'll have a less than satisfactory result. In just a few weeks or months, you'll call the plumber to come out and perform the task once again. It's a vicious cycle. Water Jetting gets the job done with better results and less money and time wasted.


Technicians Use Water Jetting for More Applications

Another benefit of water jetting is that plumbers can use the method for both residential and municipal applications. Snake methods may be adequate for small jobs. When it comes to large projects, however, professionals rarely use snakes anymore. Water Jetting is a more appropriate practice and safe on the pipes. Regardless of how significant blockage is in the plumbing system, jetting can remove it with little effort, thus making it more cost-effective even in larger commercial and industrial jobs.


Water Jetting is More Sanitary

Sewage is gross. It's unsanitary and can cause numerous health problems in situations such as floor drain cleaning, clogged toilets, or mainline sewer cleaning. If a plumber does remove the sewage quickly, it can become a health hazard. There is nothing efficient or sanitary about removing blockage with a snake. With snakes, the sewage often comes up through the pipes when the technician removes the snake. Jetting flushes it out the other way. The blockage will never see the light of day in a private or public setting.


An Environmentally Responsible Option

Yes, water jetting utilizes water. In some cases, it may require a significant amount of water to clean out the pipes. Water jetting, however, uses only water and nothing else. There is no chance of damaging a pipeline. There are no chemicals used in the process. There is also no possibility of harmful elements flowing back out of the pipes onto the surface. Jetting is a useful technique to keep chemicals from back flowing during laundry drain cleaning. Water jetting is 100% eco-friendly in all situations.


The only way to discover the real benefits of water jetting is to see it yourself. Once you witness how effective, efficient, and safe the procedure is, you'll never go back to conventional pipe cleaning methods again. Drain Blaster Bill's Sewer and Drain Cleaning offer fast, affordable, and dependable drain cleaning service for home and business owners in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. Our technicians are highly trained and certified in Water Jetting services. Contact us today! You can get same-day service and free estimates for all your plumbing needs.