Nearly everyone has heard of drain cleaning and snaking when it refers to your drains. Snaking is often the first line of defense when a homeowner has a clogged drain. A plumbers snake can also lead to unseen damage to a homeowner's pipes and might not be the best method of unclogging a drain. 

The Harm of a Snake

The method that a snake works is that it uses a corkscrew motion to power through the debris and other obstructions that are present in a pipe. While this method is effective, it can also damage some kinds of pipes even as it is clearing the clog.

What is Water Jetting?

Water jetting is another, highly effective method of powering through clogged drains. Using the indisputable power of water, clogs are easily dispersed. Water at high pressures has been used to cut through wood, granite, rubber, metal and more. During water jetting, the pressure of the water is turned down so that no harm comes to anything inside your pipes -- except for the clogs. Using water jetting as a method of clearing your drain also means that the contents of that clog wind up where they belong -- in your septic system -- rather than having to be retrieved from the end of the snake. This reduces the chances of having extremely smelly and disgusting materials in your home. 

A More Gentle Approach to Cleaning Drains

Water jetting is not only more gentle on your pipes, it is also highly effective at blasting out any number of types of material. Paper is no match for the power of water jetting. Even materials that have traditionally been more difficult -- such as roots and grease -- are no match for the formidable pressure that is behind water jetting. In fact, it is so effective that Drain Blaster Bill's offers a one year warranty on all of their services that involve water jetting. 

Homeowners who want to ensure that their drains are completely clean choose water jetting! 

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