Any commercial operation with plumbing needs to worry about keeping its drainage system clean to avoid pipe clogs that can cause business interruptions. Whether you own or manage an office complex, a commercial kitchen, a warehouse, or an agricultural facility, routine commercial drain cleaning will help ensure long-term plumbing health and performance.

But what type of drain cleaning will best serve your facility’s needs? Take a look below to find out.

Drain Camera Inspection

Any commercial business with a plumbing system can benefit from periodic drain camera inspections. This procedure allows a drain cleaning specialist to peer inside your plumbing system to assess:

●        Residue buildup along the interior walls of pipes. High-volume commercial plumbing systems can develop considerable residue that may contribute to slow-flowing drains or other drainage problems. A camera inspection can allow you to plan for future drain cleaning needs and will also help your drain cleaning specialist determine an appropriate timeline for repeat maintenance service.

●        The condition of the pipes’ interior. All plumbing systems eventually experience some degree of deterioration, which is nearly impossible to detect without inspecting the interior of the pipes. Periodic drain camera inspections can alert you to potential plumbing issues before they grow severe, so you can address necessary repairs as promptly as possible to avoid lengthy service interruptions.

●        The location and severity of drain blockages. If your building’s plumbing system is suffering from slow drainage or a complete blockage, a camera inspection can identify the problem’s source. Knowing exactly where the issue stems from allows the drain cleaning technician to address the problem efficiently, effectively, which keeps business interruptions to a minimum.

Commercial Water Jetting

Commercial water jetting service is appropriate for businesses of all types and is safe for virtually any plumbing system. The technique uses a high-pressure jet of water to cut through even the most severe drain buildup and solid blockages. Even if your drain has suffered a tree root intrusion or has developed a blockage caused by metal, plastic, or stone, commercial water jetting can solve the problem in a matter of minutes. Businesses that typically benefit from this service include:

●        Agricultural operations

●        Restaurants and other foodservice operations

●        Schools

●        Warehouses and other industrial operations

Commercial Sewer Cleaning

Routine sewer cleaning is another service that any commercial operation can benefit from. Depending on the business’s needs, this service may include:

●        Cleaning wastewater collection systems

●        Cleaning municipal sewers

●        Storm drain cleaning

●        Manhole-to-manhole cleaning

A commercial building’s sewer system handles all the wastewater and solid waste that flows through its entire plumbing system, so keeping the sewer lines clear is crucial. Typically, sewer cleaning involves a camera drain inspection to assess the lines and high-pressure water jetting to thoroughly clean the drain’s interior and eliminate all traces of buildup.

Grease Trap Cleaning

If you own or manage a restaurant or other commercial foodservice operation, routine grease trap cleaning is absolutely essential. Although grease traps are designed to contain grease, oils, and fats that can damage and clog pipes, they’re not designed to be overfilled or remain full for extended periods.

Traps that hold waste for too long can produce sulfuric acid, which may gradually eat away at the holding tank itself without regular cleaning. Lack of routine grease trap cleaning can also result in highly unpleasant odor development in the building and in some cases, biohazard buildup.

Depending on the daily volume of grease a trap collects, it should be cleaned at one- to three-month intervals. If you’re unsure what cleaning frequency is best for your business, a qualified drain cleaning specialist can assess your traps and recommend an appropriate maintenance cleaning schedule.

Ag Drain Cleaning

Agricultural drain cleaning generally involves commercial water jetting. Because this cleaning technique can tackle even the toughest, most clogged-up pipes, it’s suitable for eliminating anything an agricultural drain or wastewater collection system might accumulate. From crop roots, sediment, and outdoor debris to lime buildup, manure, and rocks, water jetting can get rid of it all. 

Routine outdoor, tile, and sewer drain cleaning, as well as culvert pipe cleaning, can help agricultural operations keep their soil in top condition by preventing flooding and erosion caused by drainage backups. Any livestock or commercial farming operation can benefit from scheduling these drain cleaning services on a regular basis. 

Need Commercial Drain Cleaning in the Twin Cities?

If you own or manage a commercial operation in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro or in a more rural area outside the city, regular drain cleaning is essential. To help you keep your plumbing system in top-notch condition, our team at Drain Blaster Bill offers maintenance drain cleaning, commercial water jetting for acute drain clogs, and same-day service for emergency drain disasters.

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