A potential drain blockage in the main sewer line of your commercial building is a serious issue you should never dismiss. Main sewer line clogs can quickly grow worse, especially in commercial building that see heavy traffic and drain usage on a daily basis.

Without prompt attention, sewer clogs can significantly disrupt normal daily operations and cost business owners money. In a worst-case scenario, they can also result in plumbing damage that necessitates expensive repairs.

If you’ve noticed mounting issues with the operation of the drains in your commercial building, you may have a mainline sewer clog on your hands. Below, the experts at Drain Blaster Bill’s Sewer & Drain Cleaning explain which signs you should keep an eye out for and how to handle each situation.

Unusual Toilet Flushing

Have the toilets in your commercial building been acting weird? Are they flushing slower than normal? Or perhaps they fail to flush completely? Improper toilet flushing is often a sign of a main line sewer clog, but weak or inconsistent flushing can also be caused by less severe drain blockages. Regardless, you should always have poorly flushing toilets checked out by a professional to rule out severe problems.

A commercial drain cleaning specialist can perform a camera drain inspection to locate the clog and determine what’s causing it. If a severe main line sewer clog is the culprit, commercial water jetting services can usually resolve the problem. 

Backflow Into Floor Drains

Most commercial buildings have some type of floor drain on the property. It’s designed to prevent standing water from building up on floors and causing a safety hazard. But that same drain can also back up when the building suffers from a main line sewer clog. And if it does, hazardous waste water can be accumulate on the floor.

If you’ve noticed that liquid occasionally backs up out of the floor drains in your building, that’s usually a telltale sign of a main line sewer blockage. In some cases, though, that clog is caused by debris buildup in the floor drain itself, which might be a less severe problem.

Regardless of what you think might be causing liquid to back up out of the drain, this is an issue you should never ignore. Anytime the floor drains in your building don’t work properly, contact a commercial drain cleaning specialist immediately. Prompt attention is the best way to identify potentially severe issues and prevent them from causing extensive damage to your building’s plumbing system.

Sluggish Sink Drains

When the sinks in your building’s bathrooms or kitchen don’t appear to drain as quickly as they should, that might signify a clog in the main sewer line. However, slow sink drains can also be caused my many other things, including:

●        Foreign objects stuck in a drain’s p-trap

●        Hair accumulation in bathroom drains

●        Food or grease buildup in kitchen drains

To determine the source of the problem, you’ll need to call a commercial drain cleaning specialist for a camera drain inspection. Depending on the severity and source of the clog, your technician may use a standard drain snaking procedure to dislodge it. If a more serious clog exists, he may need to resort to commercial water jetting.

Gurgling Noises Coming From Drains

When you can hear strange gurgling sounds coming from any of the drains in your building, you call a commercial drain cleaning specialist promptly. Gurgling is usually a telltale indication of a main line sewer clog, which means it’s an issue you need to address right away.

As with any of the other signs of a potential sewer clog, a camera drain inspection will reveal what’s going on. Your drain cleaning professional will then advise you on the best course of action to remove the blockage and protect your plumbing from further damage.

Large Tree Roots Near the Location of the Main Sewer Line

You might not readily notice the presence of large tree roots outside your building. But if you’re dealing with unusual drain issues anywhere in your building, it’s good idea to head outside and examine the landscape.

If you know where the main sewer line runs, take a look at the property to determine if there’s a chance that large tree roots might be growing underground near the line. As tree roots grow, they can penetrate straight through your sewer line, which can result in a severe blockage over time.

If you think you might be dealing with a tree root intrusion, the only way to find out is to call a drain cleaning professional or a plumber. A camera drain inspection will readily identify tree roots inside the line. Depending on the severity of the blockage, commercial water jetting may be able to solve it. If the root has caused significant pipe damage, however, excavation may be necessary to remedy the issue.

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