Pipes and drains get clogged over time; sometimes there's simply nothing you can do other than hiring someone to clean them out. There are means of which you can “go easy” on your pipes and not put a strain on them. It's usually a matter of perspective in the sense that your pipes can handle a little abuse from time to time, but if you do certain things on a daily basis, you'll find your drains getting bogged down and clogged up. Check out what may be clogging your sinks!


Grease and Oil in Kitchen Sinks

When you wash dishes, some grease and oil may go through your kitchen sink and down the drain. Unfortunately, your kitchen sink pipes were not designed for this. Oil and grease can cause your pipes to clog up and catch other items that find their way into your drain. One solution to pouring your grease and oil down the drain is to dump it in a glass jar. When it’s full, you can empty it in a garbage can and refill it, relieving your pipes of that added goo.


Showers and Hair

Shower drains, and bathroom sinks as well, get clogged by hair. When they seem to drain slowly, there are products you can buy from any home improvement or hardware store which are designed to dissolve the hair. Unfortunately, these products aren’t recommended for keeping your pipes healthy long term. If your shower drain gets too clogged consider having someone come clean the pipe out, it’s healthier for the pipe and will allow it to last longer!


What Shouldn't Go in a Toilet

Children are often the culprit of dropping small items that shouldn’t go down the pipe, in the toilet. If an item's falls in there and clogs your toilet, you can try to use a plunger, but if that doesn’t cut it, you should call Drain Blaster Bill to take care of the situation. Sometimes items may get lodged in the toilet pipes, requiring something stronger than a plunger!


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