Your drains are constantly working to eliminate waste water and carry bacteria away from your home. You shower, wash dishes, and brush your teeth without considering if your drains will fail. In most instances, your drains work as they should, at least, until they don’t. One way to avoid costly drain clogs and ensure your drains consistently work is to get your drains cleaned once a year.

Clean Drains Equals a Clean Home

You clean your home daily, right? You clean your floors weekly, right? Why don’t you clean your drains annually? Waste and other sludge that enter your pipes through your drains get flushed out of your systems like other waste. However, in most instances, remnants are left in the crevices of your drains and pipes. Over time, this material emits a foul smell that can affect your home. When allowed to persist, guests may assume your home isn’t as clean as it looks, simply due to the smell that tickles their nose once they enter your home. To ensure your home is fresh and clean, get your drains cleaned.

Eliminate Clogs by Cleaning Your Drains Regularly

Not all the material that enters your drain will simply wash away. In some instances, matter will build up and clog your drains. If this happens, you may experience a system backup. A backup is more than your drains draining slowly. In fact, a backup is when your drains aren’t draining at all, but sending water back up your drains. Backups can introduce bacteria in your home, so it’s critical to remedy the problem as soon as possible. You can avoid getting clogs and backing up your system by having your drains cleaned on a regular basis.

Improve Your Water Quality

If you are like most people, you are concerned about your health. You may work out a few times a week and eat healthy, but why aren’t you ensuring that the water in your home is safe for you and your family? Hard water, water that contains minerals like magnesium and calcium carbonates, flow through many homes. Current research demonstrates a link between cardiovascular disease, reproductive failure, and other health problems with hard water. Fortunately, cleaning your drains can improve the quality of water in your home and help you improve your health.

At Drain Blaster Bill's, cleaning clog drains and preventing future clogs is what we do best. We encourage you to contact us today to set an appointment for your next drain cleaning.