A lot of junk goes down your drains. Grease, soap, food particles, hair, and chemicals can leave a residue that builds up and hinders the smooth flow of water through the plumbing system. Drain Blaster Bill can help you keep the water flowing smoothly in your drain pipes and the main sewer line. We provide complete cleaning services for all types of residential plumbing systems in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. Below are some ways we can help you keep the plumbing lines clean.


An Annual Plumbing Inspection and Cleaning

The best way to solve a plumbing problem is to keep it from developing in the first place. We recommend that you call a Drain Blaster Bill technician for an annual checkup of your drains and the main sewer line. We utilize camera inspection and water jetting technology to locate and blast out the blockage so that the water can freely flow through the pipes. We can thoroughly clean the inner walls of the pipes so that there is no debris or residue left.


Watch What You Put Down the Drain

Although it’s tempting to let everything go down the drain, many of the items you flush should never be placed in the plumbing. Some of the things that cause the most blockage include:


●        Cooking grease

●        Coffee Grounds

●        Hair

●        Feminine and hygiene products

●        Foreign objects, such as toys

●        Non-biodegradable objects such as plastic or certain types of wipes


Don’t Let Small Issues Turn Into Big Problems

If you sense that your main sewer line or room drains are backing up, contact Drain Blaster Bill right away. Small drain blockage will only get worse over time. No matter how much vinegar, hot water, or chemicals you use, you’re just wasting time and money. The only way to completely clear out drain blockage is to hire a professional who can solve the issues before they turn into costly repairs or time-consuming drain cleaning.


Replace the Old Pipes

If you live in an older home, it may be time for you to replace the old plumbing system. Old metal pipes may be corroded on the inside. Corrosion leaves the pipes vulnerable to root invasion, leaks, and loose connections. We recommend hiring a professional drain cleaning company to pull out the old pipes and replace them with new durable plumbing. You’ll have fewer problems, and the new pipes will last for several more years. You’ll also improve the value of your home with a new plumbing system.


Drain Cleaning Service from Drain Blaster Bill

Drain Blaster Bill offers dependable and affordable drain cleaning service for homeowners in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota and the surrounding Twin Cities metro area. Our certified and trained drain cleaners can handle the most severe drain blockage in any plumbing system in your home. We offer 24/7 emergency service if your backed-up drains are flooding the house. To schedule service or get a free estimate, contact us at (763) 913-8719 or message us on our contact page.