Clogged drains can be a mild annoyance or a major disaster. Either way, call Drain Blaster Bill in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota to come clean your drains and pipes for you. If you suspect you have a clog somewhere here are some signs that could be happening. Is the water draining slowly from the sink, shower, or tub? Does the toilet water bubble when you are running water in the sink or tub? Is the water not draining at all? Does the toilet not flush? One or all of these could mean that you have a clog somewhere.


How to Avoid Clogs

To help you avoid clogs, you will want to have pipes and drains cleaned on a regular basis. Drain Blaster Bill is here to help you get this chore done. While one of our technicians is there, have them check for cracks in the drains and pipes. Only flush waste down the toilets, do not flush any paper, trash, or feminine hygiene products. Be careful when bathing pets indoors. Pet hair can cause a clog easily.


What Causes Inside Bathroom Clogs?

Several different things can cause bathroom clogs. Drains can become clogged when over time a build of dirt, skin flakes, hair, and soap scum form on the inside of a drain or pipe. Feminine hygiene products, toys, baby wipes, and anything that cannot be broken down by water can cause a toilet to become clogged. Paper, hard water deposits, and trash can clog drains. All these things cause drain or pipes to become clogged on the inside of the house.


What Causes Outside Bathroom Clogs?

Roots can damage pipes on the outside of your home causing drains and pipes to become clogged. Roots can grow into joints and cracks of old sewer lines and cause an obstruction which will lead to things being clogged and backed up. The weight of roots and soil can crush pipes. Another outside cause, pipes moving over the years. As the ground moves and settles this will cause pipes to shift and move which will cause the alignment of the pipe to be off and lead to blockages.


Drain Cleaning Service in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

If you have a slow or clogged drain, give Drain Blaster Bill a call to clean that drain or pipe for you. Drain Blaster Bill offers services in the drain and main sewer line cleaning in the Twin Cities Metro Area. Call us today to get your drains cleaned. You can reach us at (763) 913-8719 or message us on our contact page.