While a clogged drain can be problematic in the kitchen or laundry room, things can be even worse in the bathroom given the nature of the activity that your family engages in throughout the day, every day. Understanding your habits and how they can lead to blocked drains is the first step in solving the problem. Below, we look at the causes of blockage in your bathroom drains.


●        Strings & Things

if you’re like most people, you may floss your teeth, shave, and brush your hair over the bathroom sink. If you dispose of the floss in the sink or the toilet, you could cause the drain to back up. Dental floss is not biodegradable. It will collect over time. If it gets lodged somewhere in the drain, it can catch other items and accumulate.


While hair is biodegradable, it doesn’t take long for it to wad up. You may have noticed wads of hair gathering at the base of your shower drain. If these items collect in the drain trap, they will eventually release a horrible odor in the bathroom.


●        Toys

While it may be unsanitary, kids are naturally attracted to toilets. The swirling water, metal handle, and the swish are attractive to toddlers who are naturally curious. So it’s no surprise that their toys end up in the bowl. Most of these toys are large enough to get lodged in the bowl or somewhere down the drain. They can be challenging to remove. In most cases, you’ll have to contact a professional drain cleaning service to remove the object.


●        Cat Litter

Dumping cat litter in the toilet is convenient and keeps your garbage can from smelling bad. It’s also clumpy and can clog up a toilet, drain pipe, or septic system quickly. Cat litter is specially designed to clump when it gets wet. Therefore, it becomes extremely difficult to break down. Homeowners that make it a habit to flush litter down the toilet regularly experience plumbing backups and drainage problems.


●        Wet Wipes

Something that all plumbers and drain cleaning technicians agree with is that the term flushable is misleading. While it is true that flushable wipes are better than non-flushable wipes, the comparison doesn’t justify their use. Flushable wipes are so destructive to a plumbing system that they can actually back up an entire city sewage system. How many people live in the Minneapolis area?

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