Dishwashers make washing dishes easy, but there is nothing easy about them when food, paper, and scraps clog up a dishwasher and cause a backup. The occasional clog is normal considering the job a dishwasher does on a regular basis. However, a backup of dirty water is a problem no one wants.

Side Effects of a Clogged Drain

Clogged drains are more than a nuisance. Ignoring a dishwasher clog has more consequences than you may think.

●        Dirty Water. Bubbling brown water is alarming at any time. When it is a clog, your drains work harder to do their jobs. No one wants their dishes washed with dirty water that harbors debris and bacteria.

●        Sour Smells. Clogs cause portions of pipes and drains to dry out that should never dry out. The result is nose-cringing odors. Worse than that, the opposite can happen and water can get stuck in the pipes. Stagnant water is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and horrible smells.

●        Leaky Pipes. Any clog backs water up and puts pressure on the pipes. The diverted water has nowhere to go, and the floors and walls take on damage and cause flooding. If you notice growing water stains, leaky pipes are a possible suspect. A dishwasher clog is not a red flag many people notice. But, if ignored, mildew, mold, and even bugs are possible outcomes from its worsening over time.

●        Health Risks. Other health risks exist other than dirty water when a dishwasher experiences a clog. People with asthma and sensitive allergies suffer because of the odor and invisible irritants. Clogs also cause skin irritation because of the menaces plaguing the stagnant water.

Garbage Disposal

A homeowner or professional replacing a garbage disposal sometimes forgets to pull the knockout plug. If a dishwasher acts clogged, check the plug and remove it if required. If this is the source of the problem, the issue should resolve.

1.    Deep Drain Clog

The sewer line sometimes clogs further down than someone is able to reach. The clog might be due to a sagging sewer line, damaged pipe, flushed debris, or from pouring grease down a drain.

a.      A sagging sewer line is not your fault. It happens over time. A professional is the best person to call if you think or know it is causing the sewer drain clog.

b.      Sewer pipes break or rupture. Shifting soil, corrosion, leaking joints, and increased traffic are all potential causes. A professional will need to repair or replace the pipes.

c.      Flushing debris down the toilet or other drains will clog a sewer drain. The shortlist of things you should never flush includes wet wipes, dental floss, eggshells, coffee grounds, napkins, diapers, or any non-organic material. Methods exist to help you unclog a drain like a drain cleaner or plungers, but sometimes it is so deep a professional with the proper equipment will require a call.

d.      Pouring grease, fat, or oil down a drain is a no-no. Use a container like an empty coffee can to pour hot grease into so you can dispose of it properly. Hot water does not help wash grease down a drain.

2.    Clogged Filter Basket

Dishwashers have a filter basket fitted to the drain that catches scraps of food and debris to protect items from entering the drain. You may find the basket is difficult to remove, but you can free it from the drain. Grab the filter basket and pull gently. Do not forget to clean the filter basket on a regular basis to prevent a clog. If you forget, soaking it in vinegar will dissolve deposits.

3.    Clogged Drain Hose

If cleaning out the filter basket does not help, making your way toward the dishwasher drain with the hose is the next step. The dishwasher drains through the hose that connects to the garbage disposal or kitchen sink.

It is normal for the drain hose to have an interior build-up of sludge. If you are handy around the home, cleaning drains under the sink or dishwashing hoses is possible. However, calling a professional for maintenance and repair is often the best practice.

4.    Broken Sewer Line

A dishwasher backing up could be a serious issue. Every drain in a residence will clog and cause a mess. The only option is to call a professional for an assessment as soon as possible.

The fact is that all pipes age and degrade. Materials take on damage and the older a home, the older the pipes.

Did You Find the Dishwasher Clog?

If there is still a clog and dirty water backup, it is time to make a phone call to Drain Blaster Bill. Our 24/7 service is same-day so the water damage is kept to the bare minimum. Free estimates are available with a simple visit and click.