Drains are one household convenience we tend to take for granted—that is, until they don’t work properly. When your system doesn’t flow as it should, water buildup can cause some serious frustration. Many people’s first course of action is to reach for the plunger in an attempt to unclog the pipe, but if it’s a serious clog, a plunger won’t cut it. Some people even attempt to snake their own drains, albeit unsuccessfully. On paper, snaking sounds like an easy, do-it-yourself job, but the truth is, you should leave it to the professionals. Below, Drain Blaster Bill explains why.


Plumbing Snakes Can Cause Damage

While plumbing pipes are made to last, certain objects and habits can certainly inflict damage. One of those objects is a plumbing snake. When improperly handled, a plumbing snake can easily scrape the interior of your pipes. Although this occurrence may sound like no big deal, it can actually give rise to more serious issues down the road. This is especially true if you own an older home and the plumbing has never been updated. Abrasions on the interior walls of older pipes can lead to corrosion or scale buildup. If the buildup becomes too severe, your pipe may burst.


You Could Make Matters Worse

Without professional training and experience, it’s impossible to know if you’re doing more harm than good when you attempt to snake your own drain. A clogged drain can occur for a number of reasons, including:


●        Grease buildup

●        Pipe corrosion

●        Scale (mineral) buildup

●        Broken pipes

●        Toiletries

●        Poor pipe installation


With such a wide variety of reasons why your pipes might back up, attempting to unclog them on your own could prove foolhardy. Specific drain cleaning techniques are required for different types of clogs; if you use a snake instead of the appropriate tool, you could make the problem worse.


Instead of taking that risk, a properly trained professional can evaluate your pipes to determine if an alternate method may be a more effective option. At Drain Blaster Bill, each cleaning begins with a full camera drain inspection of your plumbing system. This process ensures we find the source of the clog, allowing us to determine the appropriate tools to clear it.


You Could Damage Your Porcelain

If your sink, bathtub, or toilet are porcelain-coated, a drain snake can cause damage if you don’t know what you’re doing. When you insert the metal end of the snake into your drain, it can easily scratch the porcelain if you’re not careful. Not only are scratches unattractive, but they can also give rise to rust over time. If you ever plan to sell your home, you’ll have to remove the rust (if possible), or purchase new fixtures.


You May Have the Wrong Snake

Many homeowners don’t know that there are several different types of drain snakes. Each style of snake is designed to perform a different job, and if you use the wrong one, you may end up causing problems. The most commonly used snakes include:


●        Top Snakes. This snake is typically the smallest and works to remove a variety of clogs. A blocked pipe in your sink, shower, bathtub, or washing machine can usually benefit from this type of snake.

●        Mini-rooter. Mini-rooters fall into the same category as medium drain machines; both utilize a foot pedal and electricity to extend the snake into clogged pipes. These machines also feature special cutting tools to break apart obstructions within your pipes.

●        Toilet Auger. As the name implies, this tool is specifically designed to clear blockages in a severely clogged toilet. A hand crank works to extend the flexible snake into your toilet’s drain pipe to break apart obstructions.

●        Large drain machine. These machines contain cables up to 200 feet long and are designed to clear drains of at least three inches in diameter. This tool works very well for drain blockages within large pipes that extend from your home to the street outside.


An experienced professional will know the difference between the various types of snakes, as well as their appropriate application. The less you know about the tools for the job, the more likely you are to make a serious mistake.


You Might Injure Yourself

Injuries are probably the last thing on your mind when your pipes are clogged and you’re contemplating your next move. However, drain snakes are tools, and as with any tool, there’s always the potential for injury. Because drain snakes have moving parts, and you might be working with sewer lines, improper handling can result in injury and infection.


Drain Cleaning Experts in the Twin Cities

If you’re drains are clogged and a simple plunging doesn’t help, it’s time to call Drain Blaster Bill.

Our expert technicians specialize in finding long-term drain cleaning solutions to give you peace of mind and keep costly repairs to a minimum. Even the most severe blockages don’t stand a chance against our highly advanced tools and techniques. Whether you need a toilet or bathtub unclogged or you’re faced with a drain emergency, our 24/7 drain cleaning service is always here for you. To request a free estimate, or to schedule your cleaning, contact our team at (763) 913-8719. We’re always standing by!